System Photos!


I was astounded at how good those speakers made the amp sound for near field listening. With the loudness…er…bass boost on, I can listen to music at a comfortable volume and not disturb the other denizens of my cubeville warren. Great separation. Very enveloping. They replaced a KEF Muo Bluetooth speaker, and I couldn’t be happier. With my iPhone as the primary source plugged into the USB port, everything sounds better.

“One almost never sees voluntary self-restraint. Everybody operates at the extreme limit of the legal frames.” - Alexander Solzhenitsyn


I love these pictures. I thought I was the only one with less than ideal speaker placements. They confirm what I always assumed, that we do the best we can within a room or area with very limited flexibility. We then make peace with our best effort and enjoy the music.


I will be happy once it gets here, I like how yours turned out, I also got 4 shelves with one the 4”. Are those 36 or the 48 inch vertical posts? I could only manage a 36 as my TV is on the wall 45” high


I think we will have the exact system as mine is 4 shelves with the bottom one being 4" and it is 36" tall. it is a super solid piece and i would think, way better, than any with glass or metal shelves.


I’ve used room tunes for at least 20 years, but added PZC’s to the mix. Did you ever try them? -Incredible system, need I add!


…must be said with a heavy Chicago accent


I have not tried the PZC’s. i used to sell Roomtune. I was convinced when I got the round ones he used to make that looked like tube traps. They allowed me to hear depth better than I ever had before I added them to the system. Thank you for the complement.


Cool. At least that makes sense. I was hoping it wasn’t like the Marigo dots of years past. I still remember Enid Lumley saying if you point a flashlight at your speaker while you are listening it will change the sound. There are some valid tweaks in audio and some just plain crazy ideas!


Need you to call me tomorrow and let me know how that sounds.

Janet and I love playing with accents.


I love my vintage equipment, but it will be traded in someday for more PS Audio pieces. Mac mini with WDCloud through the Stellar DAC. The Infinity RSM’s sound great, ribbon tweeters all the way. DIY subs that make all the difference in the low end. How do you like my angled corners? Built this house after Music Room one was remodeled so I stole the idea.


that is funny. I used to have a friend in the biz and he swore my the Marigo dots. made no sense to me at all except maybe on a tonearm.
i am a very moderate tweaker as most i cannot hear. one thing i do that seems to help is i spray the label side of the cd with the Nordost Eco-3 spray.



Yeah :slight_smile: Its a NZXT S340 Elite case. I really love how clean their cases look.


I agree - purchased a gaming build from them for my son. Great looking build with great cooling system and it’s dead quiet.


That’s a fantastic time tunnel you live in. Nice to see Yellow Brick Road up there. My sister’s got a copy, probably bought on the day of the release. Haven’t listened to it in about 30 years.


Took my audio system out tonight as the wife is on the beach in Goa (although she did call to tell me that her laptop is floating round Mumbai somewhere) and doing this makes a terrible mess, ostensibly to put new Isolda DCT speaker cables in trunking and put in a separate $20 mains block (screwed to the rear wall) for the TV that also has usb sockets for the chromecast and Amazon Fire sticks. Turned out the hifi unit had copious quantities of dust inside, so gave it a good polish. All this was done fuelled by Marmite on toast and gin. Quite a lot of both.

Here’s the view from my gin-drinking chair.

Here’s the important stuff. Exactly what you consider important is a matter of personal preference.

And the other way, having the front down is useful for handling records.

Kit is a Devialet 250 Expert Pro, a dual arm turntable no one’s ever heard of but is stunningly well made, sitting on a Townshend podium, with an Origin Live Illustrious Mk3 + Koetsu Urushi and a Jelco + 2M Mono, P3 regenerator, and an Aries Mini that is being replaced by an Innuos Zen Mk3 next week. Speakers are Harbeth SHL5+ 40th Anniversary on HiFi Racks with Townshend bars underneath. The box in the corner is a 400W BK subwoofer and a Devialet Reactor 900w on top that can fill the room to ear-splitting levels. The dispersion is amazing at I can sit 45 degrees off line gin in hand and it still sounds great.


I love gin! Awesome looking setup and listening room. And I appreciate the hybrid component/liquor cabinet :ok_hand::relaxed:


Gin! The Martial Spirit!


Love the speaker / speakers stands with the Townsends. That is great!


My favorite drink: gin & tonic w/ a twist of lime and yes, I saw Bombay Sapphire blue and that is the ticket! Got to try Hendricks gin… very good gin…


Hendricks is exceptional. I do love cucumber. It’s the most refreshing summer drink ever. I’m generally reluctant to add lime to it.