System Photos!


My B&W 800 Matrix monitors surrounded by Roomtune acoustic treatment. Together they produce an amazingly wide and deep soundstage that makes you feel is if you could get up and walk around in it! My Equipment racks stand on a Slate topped foundation which physically grounds the rack to the basement and isolated them from the floor and wall vibrations. I have 3 dedicated circuits supplying the current to the system. A 240 volt 20 amp feed for the power amp. A 30 amp 120 volt feed for digital equipment and a 20 amp 120 volt feed for the analog pieces. Since the Addition of the P-10 I switched the amp back to 120 volt operation plugged it and all the rest of the system into the P-10 which runs of the 30 Amp 120 volt feed. My system has never sounded better.


Beautiful, Sixpack!


My system needs a bit of wire tidying, so ha e to take it out and put in some trunking. A picture to remind me that it’s all just a bunch of metal boxes, bits of plastic and a few wires.


This is the same setup I think that I run at my computer, the D3020 with the NAD D8020 speakers. The speakers are crazy good in my mind, I had some Audioengine P4’s there for a time and also some Andrew Jones Pioneers there, but the D8020’s best them all. I use a Velodyne mini sub, but don’t use the sub out on the D3020 rather I run everything through the speaker level inputs and outputs on the sub.

I agree with other posters about the positioning of the speakers and the closeness of the listening environment takes away a lot of need for toe-in and the room becomes a non-factor.


I understand now. I didn’t think with the way they were pictured they would be high enough to get the tweeters to ear level which is why I wondered about tilting. I really do like a good desktop setup as well, it takes the whole room factor out of the setup, and allows me to be totally immersed in the sound field at volume levels that don’t emanate throughout the rest of the house, or even the rest of the room!


I owned the Pulsars in the past and they are more than respectable in all areas of music making…I loved mine too!


Awesome rack! What a cool idea.


You must be funny.


Thought i would share some of my images as I am a big PS fanboy.
Speakers are Thiel 3.7’s and they are about four feet from the back wall. Notice the foundation of the speakers as i cut away the carpet and put hard wood boards across the floor joists and then used lag bolts to secure them. the rest of the system consists of:
BHK 250 amp
BHK preamp
P20 power regenerator (picture was taken before I got the P20)

DMP disc player
REL S/5 SHO sub
MG Audio speaker cable
all PS AC 12 power cords
Maple Rack by MapleShade
NAD tuner


Nice system! Can I ask what you have underneath the REL sub? Did you have any isolation issues with low frequency interaction with your turntable after first installing the REL?


hi, the platform is a Mapleshade sub platform which can be used for amps as well. I forgot to mention that the very old Oracle (circa 1981) is now out of the system as it cannot compete sound wise with the PS digital front end, and so i cannot answer your question about the frequency problems.


PS: Thank you for the nice compliment.


Not often one can say this anymore, but nice rack.


What is the black rectangle on the Roomtune?


Is that the Samson v.3? After Lonson said he used one I went ahead with ordering one. Did it take forever for it to ship? It’s been nearly a month and I keep getting delays. They are trying to match the shelves but this is pretty ridiculous!


that is funny. it really is a great rack and infinitely adjustable. weighs about 225 lbs


you are observant. that is there to help me get in the correct position for listening as it is the half way point between the speakers


it is a Samson though i forget the exact model. it took about a month if i recall but it is worth the wait. it will be the one piece i probably will never replace.


You are funny as well :slight_smile:


Funny lookin’…