System Photos!

MJ Acoustics Scotte, UK company, have their own built in dsp

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Ooh, those sound interesting.

“Reference 1 MK4” or “Kensington”?

Will have to look into these… Do they have opposing drivers or only top-side transducers?

Firing up the Google-lator now.

Nice rig!

Can’t quite make out the turntable is it one of the EAT tables? Cart?


M4 top transducer

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Yes EAT C sharp with dynavector xx-2

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Best I have personally ever heard

About 100 hours in now and I feel the new Sopra 2s are much more fuller yet the bass is smoother. Hard to describe but it sounds cleaner and yet with my Kanta 2s more things would rattle at high volumes so it’s definitely better to me but hard to describe or explain why. The sound stage is a little taller and deeper as well. Overall very pleased.


Are you using the stock spikes or have you installed IsoAcoustics Gaia?

I have the ISO GAIA footers.

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Here’s my setup.


That amount of extreme toe-in would probably make for good mono listening.


In the sweet spot it’s like wearing headphones, almost. The speakers use Jordan full-range drivers, so there’s no crossover, the sound is very panel-like.


I’ve used GAIAs on my Kanta 2 and now Sopra 2 and absolutely love and recommend them.


None more Toed.
That is how my nearfield desktop setup works. I understand.

IKEA chair not shown.

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To each his own…enjoy.

Nice kit, by the way.

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I agree that seems rather extreme to me as well. I would imagine at that seating distance there’s a ton of wave cancellation occurring. But if it works you can’t knock it.

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