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I agree with cardi, stevensegal knows how to live.
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This is a test to see if replying to a existing post will result in a new post by me. If so, I will do it again and add a pic of my setup along with commentary on it.


Yes! There’s just nothing like the addition of a subwoofer to a system. It’s hard to get people to recognize this because they think they have plenty of bass already and don’t want more. But they miss the point entirely.


They are tall like that totem pole for sure and play music with a soundstage and dynamics for sure.


We’d definitely like you to show us yours, Bascom ; ). I have to clean up around here…


Glad to be getting back on topic. My 2 REL subs not only contribute to the bass and deep bass of my system, they add a the air around the instruments with a much greater sense of realism. I have them tuned so that I am not even aware of their presence unless I turn them off which results in a shrinking of the soundstage. There also is in addition to losing bass is a midrange that becomes a bit less believable.


Great…your commentary is a commentary I particularly wish to read.


I thought so too and my experience until recently supports your view. I have however found exceptions when it comes to very large full-range speakers - in this case a subwoofer isn’t necessary at all and may detract from what is already a balanced full-range sound.


There are definitely exceptions - i guess similar to the upcoming PS Audio AN3, and it also depends on the genre of music. But probably for most speakers setup out there a sub (or two) helps.


I found that even with 10 inch woofers in my mains a sub still added something. My current mains have 15” woofers and although I have a matching subwoofer with a 15” woofer it really isn’t needed for music with such large mains.


Coming from Chicago where the recent Polish influx is huge, and the market has grown to accommodate it, I will look for that next time I’m there.


Just stay away from the Polish vodka with bison grass. It’s still illegal in the US I believe because it contains coumarin. Having tried it, I can also attest to the fact that it is definitely an “acquired taste” which I didn’t want to acquire. . . .


Like Jeppson’s Mallort, a Swedish concoction unique tithe Chicago area that has a taste that cannot be acquired. Pröst (from my German ancestry because I don’t know the Swedish for Cheers)

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When your AN series speakers come on the market Paul, do you still think they will require additional subwoofers or are the DSP woofers good enough? I was going to purchase dual subs but I decided to wait to see what the AN speakers are going to be like.



This shall not replace Paul’s answer specifically to his new speakers, but I had several listening sessions with large speakers of the big Wilson‘s size, which clearly benefited from subwoofers, possibly just because those are placed at different locations in the room and it’s positive to stimulate the room from another position, too…or because subwoofers are still more specifically designed for lowest frequencies, than chassis integrated in speakers which have to do other work, too.

Another reason might be, that the position which is best for main speakers is rarely best for lowest frequency radiation. It might even be better in some cases to have little less low ranging speakers and subs than very low ranging main speakers if that position is not optimal for the lowest frequencies in that room. Those with you huge speakers having to take huge room acoustic measures know what I mean.

DSP options, as the AN are planned to have, help in such cases.



It is flavoured with wormwood, and could thus be considered a cousin of absinthe. Wormwood contains oil of thujon, a convulsant, but it was probably the high alcohol content which led to absinthe being banned in France The Swedish for Cheers is Skål, and there is a lot of ritual about how you utter it.


Here’s my setup.

Stereo section:
Synology 1513 NAS (Raid 10 music and backup storage located in a different building)
PS Dectet
Roon Nucleus+ w 16g ram and 2tb 860 Evo (no music here yet - still deciding)
DS Junior
BHK preamp
Stellar M700’s
Tekton Electrons
Tekton 12" sub
Focal Utopia HP
Blue Jeans speaker leads
Mogami interconnects

AVR section:
Monster power center
Comcast cable box
Oppo 103
Denon AVRX-4400H
60" Panny plasma
Tekton Double Impact center
Monitor Bronze fronts (on top of the Electrons)
Deftech 8060 rears (they were the fronts before the stereo bug kicked in)


I keep having this guy show up on my TV… :crazy_face: