System Photos!




Damn!.. Looks like Heaven on earth.


My happy place


Lol. I’m sure! And if you can’t be happy in that place, happy just ain’t happening.


Thanks for showing the driver array. Impressive work. I am sure the crossovers are top notch as well.
Curious whose electrostatic drivers these are.


They were built by a fellow in Sydney many years ago and were refurbished about 5 years ago.


Sounds cool. How does it work? Will I only need one set of speaker cables?

So even when I watch movies using the Denon my front L and R are driven by the First Watt J2 but first going through a PS Audio Pre-amplifier?



Ha, ha! My two least favourite things in the world, Phil Collins and Port. But then there is no such thing as good taste, just personal taste.

The opera was superb in many ways, but the central performance by the American soprano Amanda Majeski was amazing. There was a new Carmen this season, sold out 3 months ahead and had very mixed reviews. The masses don’t go for Janacek, there were tickets unsold on the first night even thought they are cheaper. There were rave reviews and by last night, the third performance, it was packed.


You do know the DMP transport has been discontinued, right?


Who started this thing with elephants?..Oh yes it was me (I think):wink:


A Gunner? Heaven forbid.


Sorry, no elephants on this one! But i will take the opportunity to thank everyone at PS Audio and on this forum for their passion for music and for keeping this community alive.

Here is mine:

More details can be found on my profile page.


They will be complete and require no additional subwoofers. That’s their whole point in existence. I believe speakers should be full range and should be designed to work without any assistance in the room.


Exactly. As much as high performance speaker manufacturers like Wilson and Magico want you to believe their expensive systems are all you need it just isn’t so. I have never heard a passive system that can do what an amplified active LF system can do. I am
sure someone’s got or made one somewhere. I have just never personally heard one.


Maybe 3 years ago I had my pwt converted with DSD kit; now your telling it’s successor the DMP is discontinued… This DSD needs to hold on as it’s giving me a lot of joy though. Don’t wanna buy a new tranport, just enjoy my latest BHK250.


This is a classic situation where adding a subwoofer helps by removing the load on the other drivers. Yes, I would strongly recommend this course of action.


Wow Nice system but your home is amazing. Where do you live with the lush setting? You should get AD out to show more pics or the home and landscaping. Congrats on your surroundings and system work.


Love the woofer.:dog2:


Wow. Those are DIY? Beautiful work!!