System Photos!


That’s one of the neatest and well designed beauties I’ve seen. Nothing over the top, just a nice pair of Avalons and Neslon’s amps. Wonderful.


Yes you are correct on both counts single set of speaker cables and the j watt powers your fronts . I use the gain cell dac and a Pass labs XA25 for my two channel. I connect the GCD to my Yamaha receiver using by rca interconnects to the front pre out surround section on the Yamaha. On the Gain cell when I want to watch a movie push the HT button on the remote and that passes over volume control to the Yamaha. Works really well.


The DMP was discontinued only because OPPO (they built the drive mechanism which is the “heart” of the DMP) ended production of their players. I’m sure PS Audio would have continued to sell the DMP had OPPO not stopped production.


Oppo’s decision to stop making their products leaves a real bad taste in my mouth. They could have put that division up for sale; I bet there would have been serious bidders. Loyal Oppo customers – I own two of their players plus the DMP with their drive in it – are now left in the lurch to fend for themselves. I am an unapologetic physical media guy all the way. I have a HUGE collection of CDs that requires a quality transport. My SACD collection is far smaller, but important nevertheless. I love streaming but the thing itself is key.

(P.S., pics of my system will be coming shortly after I neaten up my music room… :slight_smile: )


They no longer manufacture their Oppo players, BUT Oppo still exists and will continue to service Oppo players. Oppo owners have nothing to worry about. DMP owners? well… that’s another story. I do believe PSA has a healthy supply of drives they snatched up just for future repairs of existing DMP’s.


That’s perfect! That means the money for subwoofers can be reallocated towards new speaker system instead.
Thanks Paul

Still awaiting arrival of my DSD with Bridge II. Hopefully it’s on it’s way to my distributor and then dealer soon. Our cold weather has been lending to long listening sessions!


Oppo owners have nothing to worry about.

Just like we didn’t have to worry about them discontinuing their players? Service schmervice. They abandoned their customers. They killed their players, their headphones, and their portable speaker line. They booked. You’re telling me that there is not a single enterprising company out there who would not have wanted to continue their line of products? I call BS.


I am not telling you anything other than if your Oppo players breaks, Oppo service still exists and it will get repaired. That is all I said then, that is all I am saying now. I really couldn’t care less about what Oppo could have, should have, would have done. Please don’t read into my previous post beyond what I have already mentioned. I am not interested in arguing a philosophical point that amounts to nothing more than a waste of time.


How testy! You may want to lay off that gin for a while…




Ooh, who are you calling a gunner, I was also at the game. Come On You Spurs.


Here is my 2 channel system in my combo office / listening room.

Also have absorption panels on both the side walls and the back wall.

Joseph Audio Pulsars, JL Dominion subwoofers (2), BHK 250 and preamp, DS Power Plant 15, Directstream, PS Audio powerbases (2), Roon Nucleus with sBooster power supply and rarely used Audeze LCD-2 headphones.

Wish the room was bigger, but the system sounds pretty good.


That’s a relief, went to the Lane with my dad who’s been supporting them for 70 years. My little one supports the other Blues, with whom I dutifully tramp down to the Bridge. He just called me in tears.


BS on Oppo, not you. Jeez…


I do apologize! I was simply stating a fact about still being able to get your Oppo deck repaired by the factory. I thought your reply to my post, which was directed to me because you hit the reply button on my post, was a bit over the top for what I was simply trying to communicate. But again, I apologize. I meant no harm and was certainly not trying to create conflict.


Heh. No harm done. As you can tell I’m very pissed at Oppo for their decision. Their decision was made in a lousy way with utter disrespect for their loyal customers of long years. They basically spat on us. I’m extremely brand-loyal. When they don’t return the favor, well…


@murrayb I really dig your plumbing joint cable elevators!! Very cool idea!


@glmoneo and @JeffofArabica: Thanks for “kissing and making up”, so to speak. Seriously, I mean it. This community is uncommonly civil - a real oasis in the middle of the dessert of the Interwebs. I appreciate the effort that the community members, the admins. and Paul/PS Audio make to make this such a great place to hang out and learn. Kudos to you both.


The civility and open attitude of this forum comes from the top. But for Paul’s approach to treating his customers we would neither have this level of open discourse, nor even a forum.


Paul’s (and his company’s) vision is why we are all here. God willing I’ll be visiting Boulder in late July or early August. My wife of almost 29 years will be participating in a half IronMan competition. I, of course, with Paul’s permission, will visit PS Audio for my Music Room 2 IRS pilgrimage and, hopefully, to audition my next set of loudspeakers… :smile: