System Photos!


Thanks Jeff. Can’t claim credit for the idea, but with just a bit of putty in the bottom for stability and some spray paint, they were within my limited DIY abilities.


I was there a couple weeks ago. What a great group of people and facility. Oh, and Music Room 1 or 2 or whatever it is, prepare to go home somewhat dissatisfied with your system. James played a solo acoustic guitar piece: I felt lilliputian with Gulliver playing the guitar from somewhere in the ether over there. It was yooooodg.


Those look like Audio Sensibility speaker cables. How do you like them? I have a set of their Statement SE XLR IC’s from my DAC to preamp.


yeah that was some thrashing.

Sarri stormed down the tunnel, refusing to shake hands with guardiola


Good eye RsZk. They are the Audio Sensibility Signature speaker cables. In short, I love them. By far the best speaker cables I’ve had. I’m also using their Signature Silver XLR interconnects between both the DAC and the preamp and the preamp and the amp.


Meanwhile, in St Lucia lightning has struck from a clear blue sky. 5 times. Amazing afternoon, house to myself and not put the stereo on yet.


I had a BHK Preamp issue when I first got my Preamp in JAN, 2019 and within less than a week I had another Preamp and low drama, shipping paid for… I just got a long time audiophile into PSA picking up the PSA DS DAC. When the CEO of a company exchanges emails with me, sets up videos, FPGA builds are free… this is a company lead by an audiophile and where I want to spend my money. A bonus is the forum he set up and got going. Thanks for keeping us in line and making sure this is a refuse for those who like to discuss differences. There are hundreds of different configurations for this stuff. Many ideas, different paths. It is so nice to discuss without abuse.

So, thank you and the other community leaders for setting the bar on how to treat people. Stick to the facts, opinions are welcomed, we get to wander within reason and respect is as valuable as currency.


Thanks Paul! And there is always room for improvement. A nice P15 could be worth thinking about. But i am quite happy with the system‘s overall performance.


I have very different equipment in several different rooms and have collected speakers since 1978. Right now I play with my ProAc Response 3.8 loudspeaker.

In the cottage I play with our world famous cult speaker S 400 together with a PS audio Sprout 100. It plays terrific.

more love Denmark

Michael worships PS audio at his dealer in Copenhagen :smile::kissing_heart:

When I play a little with different equipment. Next week I have to run with Magneplanar on my equipment


not sure how to post a pic but here’s my system.
VPI Classic I w’ Dynavector Karat 17D3
BAT VKP10SE or Acoustech PH1
PSA DS Memory Player
BHK 300
Opera Quinta
Google Photos


This is a very nice system, my friend, but aren’t you worried about the speakers being so close to the turntable and electronics? My turntable is at the opposite end of my room, connected with balanced interconnects. -Not meaning to be too critical of, I’m sure, a very nice sounding system.


Thanks. Not worried. Nor have I had any issues in over ten years. The room is smaller than I’d like but I gotta make due with my limitations.


I’m loving this thread. Now it’s my turn! Here’s my “A” system (I’ll have to post the “B” system later) - I’ve taken more than 20 years to assemble this system and completed it in 2017. Of course, now that it’s complete I’m considering a major speaker upgrade in 2019 (just evidence that nothing is ever really complete for an audiophile)


Do you also have your phono pre with it at the far end of the room? Just because I’d be anxious at sending the low level output from a tt over a distance longer than a metre. Now if it’s been amplified by the the pre beforehand, no such issue lol.


Yes, my phono preamp is next to the turntable. I get a balanced signal with an ARC BL-1 which converts the single ended signal from my phono preamp to balanced. -Not sure that’s necessary, but I’m more comfortable with a balanced signal

on a long run.


Thet seems very sensible and very good advice. I would have thought dwilson2 would at the least, if he can’t move the TT, be better putting in on a wall mount in its current location.
One reason I had a hifi/AV cabinet built was to be able to fully enclose the turntable when in use.


I always loved the elegant design of this turntable!


Well, it’s a dinosaur, as is the tonearm, but doesn’t get much use lately, and I refuse to invest any more in the analog system.
-Just a relic?


Yes, a nice memory of the past and surely still nice sounding if setup properly.


Hi Paul, yes I have been building speakers all my life. Never owned a brand speaker. My first speakers were a pair of Altec 15 and horn in 16 cu ft brick enclosures in the down stairs pool room at mom and dads. Built version 1 of these in about 2001. Then acquired more Dynaudio 15w75’s and re did them. This time filling the side panels of the mid bass enclosure with sand. Subs are in 15 cu ft sealed concrete pits.