System Photos!


Hi Peace, Thanks for your comment. I live in Brisbane Australia. The area where the system is about 1/2 of the actual open plan area. The total area is 45 x 32 ft with an average height of about 10 ft.


I’ve always enjoyed old music, old cinema, old furniture, and old friends. I guess that makes me old.


Hi Brodric - Was not aware, as it still appears on the PSA web site and also on the Australian distributers site. May have to go to plan B. Cheers


I give up. What is it?


If you’re referring to the electronics, it’s a radio circa 1910 (?), given to me by my grandfather. I’d like to get it working, but for now it’s a static display, or reminder of how far we’ve come.


Yes the electronic piece. It’s really cool. I remember my grandparents huddling around a console radio before TV.
When they got their first TV it was in a big console too. t seems like it had a 12" or so almost round picture. People from up and down the block would come over on he weekends to see it.
It doesn’t seem like there was very much to watch either. Like maybe only a few hours a day.
I was just a kid so it seems like a long time ago sometimes and just a few weeks ago other times.


I liked “Howdy Doody” in those days.


Haha fair play!

I’m going to experiment with a balanced connection from my phono stage too when my new stellar arrives. Have never had the option before so will be interested to see if it makes any difference!


If you don’t need SACD playback then the DMP replacement might be an option for you.


Really enjoyed this site - followed it for years.


And you hadn’t noticed DMP had been discontinued? It’s been widely spoken about here.


He meant the Exoticaudio site…I really miss it, too.


I have to fit my modest system into a condo unit. It sounds OK


I like the wooden theme. Very inviting.


Very nice, is that a NAD32 and Dynaudio’s?
Have you tried the speakers inside the taller bookcases?


Bryston speakers?


These speakers are using my original Altec 416 with 802 driver and 511 horn with the addition of a Fostex tweeter. My mum and dads Thorens 124 with 12" SME arm with Dared mono blocks and preamp (amps sound great pre not so good )


Yes, Bryston Middle T´s


Bryston Middle T


Nice system. I also have the pulsars and have considered a sub but worry my room is too small. How large is your listening room? Do you have any issues matching the subs with the pulsars and your room? It will help me to hear from someone with direct experience.