System Photos!


Yes, all the displays turn off and I listen in a fully dark room, only a few power lights.

Monitors and subs are such a great way to go, but they need to be set up just right. I’m getting most of the sound from the giant Uber expensive Raidho towers at a fraction of the cost.

I have the plastic lid for the ‘table. A nice light form fitting cover. I’ve had no need for additional isolation. The Pro-ject sits on magnetic feet and the oak cabinet is rock solid with a ton of weight from the amps and P15 anchoring it down. No issues at all.


Very nice perspex cover.

The Raidho were the most talked about product at Munich High End when they came out, even the slightly less eye-wateringly expensive ones. You didn’t fancy the Star Trek stands? Don’t suppose they matter in the dark.


They aren’t the proper stands for Raidho D1, right?


See here:

They obviously get a fabulous review because they are a fabulous speaker. Towards the end they are compared with the reviewer’s reference full range Harbeth M40.1 and he notes that in reality all that is missing is the fullness of the lower end of double bass, which is exactly what I found with my Harbeth SHL5+ 40th AE and fixed with a single 400w sub.

It is somewhat heartwarming, and a little surprising, that on this thread I’ve only seen a few systems where the speakers would seem to be too big for the room.


The stands are inexpensive and quite nice Audio Advisor pieces. The Raidho stands are expensive, wobbly, and ugly…pass. Raidho insists that their lightly spring decoupled stands are superior, but I rather invest in gear and diffusers. I also am not putting these jewels on wobbly stands. A few bucks worth of sticky sorbathane provides adequate decoupling and better stability.

Michael Borrenson, the designer of my Raidho’s split off and started his own company. I heard his new Borrenson speakers at RMAF and the were sensational. Very Raidho like but a step up. Not planning to go in that direction, but I am considering some other speakers to play with. Possibly stand mount MBLs, Maggies, or the very interesting open baffle PureAudioProject Trios with Voxative mid/tweets. Love this hobby!


Denmark seems to have the speaker market sown up around here. The Borrenson look rather nice. I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.
No one 's mentioned BOENICKE yet, another current “in” European brand.


James, if i would upgrade (eventually :slight_smile:) the M700s on this setup what would you suggest the BHK250 or the 300s. I know the BHK300 are better but i also think they might be an overkill (maybe even the 250s also could be, since the 700s are great already).
Thank you!


Kudos again on the carpentry work. Cabinet making is as much art as it is technique or process. My son is a very good cabinetmaker but me - not so much.


Wow, great job on the cabinet!
I’m using some of the same Ikea butcher blocks!


I think it’s funny when people suggest a speaker is “too big for the room”. LOL!


Then you have to go back to the school bench again and learn something more mathematics and physics. :smile::kissing_heart:

a little reading for the late night hours…good pleasure.John William Strutt (Lord Raleigh) published The Theory of Sound in 1877. :sunglasses::kissing_heart:


LOL! 20hz is 20 hz wether it comes out of a small speaker, or a large speaker!


You are really good…:rofl: :joy::joy::joy: The funny man from the circus

more love Denmark


Sorry if I hurt your feelings. I agree, Paul’s speakers are way too big for his room!


You have not hurt my feelings lol… And Paul just can’t figure out how to build the rooms.

Even the living room we use to renovate the Infinity in is a large one the rooms Paul builds lol


You are fortunate to have such a large beautiful space, and really beautiful speakers.


Thanks bro…But I’ve just sold next all my big Infinity systems - is getting old. So they sold here, but renovate straight filters and units etc. so they can play with a young food for the next 30 years.


Great question. I know we already talked about it, but I’d suggest a nice REL before upgrading the amps. The M700s are already such great performing amps that you’ll be set for a while. Upgrading the system with a sub is always HUGE for me and is such a big difference. A great friend of mine is expecting the new S/5 SHO from REl any day now and I can’t wait to get it setup with him.

But… when it comes time to upgrade amps, both the 250 or 300s will do a killer job. Biggest difference I’ve noticed with the 250 vs 300s is the tendency for the 250 to get more cluttered during loud or busy passages. The instruments become much less defined, and it becomes a big wall of sound at times instead of the performance we want. The separation with the 300s is always there no matter how hard we push 'em.


I have two custom built mono from the same factory in denmark. They kick ass and pull their teeth lol 2x 1000 watt
" based on a modern Class D ICE module, designed in Denmark."

more love Denmark


A really clean and beautiful setup. I have not heard the D1 but I did hear a demo of one of the large Raidho floor standers and I thought they sounded really good. A hifi shop in San Francisco hosted a special demo night so the room was very crowded which is far from optimal. Even in that circumstance they were impressive.