Tekton Design speakers


Never demoed them yet from dealer. Taking a break for upgrades right now. PSB Imagine T3’s are working nicely for now. Waiting on PSA first…


For what it is worth i had the double impacts for a short while. There was something loose inside and i was asked to remove the woofer to see what was loose . After looking inside i knew i was sending them back. An expensive experiment.



I too had and issue out of the box…


The board looked like it was hot glued on.




Hoping to impose upon you to ask you to write more words about why you think the PSBs leave you still looking for something better. If it’s the pursuit of the hobby, I certainly get that. But I’m strongly considering the PSB T3s and would appreciate the insight of someone with an extended experience with them.

Using GainCellDAC + M700s. Room is 18’x21’x10’, very imperfect, with lots of glass, 6 guitars on the walls, odd walls, etc.

Not to put words in your mouth, but: I have PSB Imagine Minis in a home office setup with a Sprout. REALLY like them. But maybe they lack energy? excitement? are they a hair too smooth?



FWIW I have a set of Tekton Electrons and really like them. I thought my living / music room would be small for the double impacts although now I am considering a set of Encores as a possible upgrade for no other reason than interest a little farther up the product line . :thinking:


I have the Double Impacts and love them. But, I do get an itch to try out the Encores…


I think next summer I will order a set of Encores just to find out. I’ll post a review when I have them in the system.


Never tried them


Waiting on the PSA AN2’s


Happy with my PSB Imagine T3’s with Iso Acoustic footers for now. Great speakers.


Also very interested in the PSA entry level speaker but they may be a ways out. We’ll see what things look like in the early summer 2019


I bought the Tekton Double Impacts and changed my amp to a low powered-tubed variety -that combination works extremely well. The mid-range, detail, and soundstage were better than my previous electrostatic speakers. The Double Impacts were a game-changer for me.


Thanks for the info