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Thank you, Jeff! Enjoy!
I love the photo. I’m going to post your photo on our social media and link back here, if I can.

We’re off to NAMM this week to meet up with artists and engineers to talk about high resolution audio. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Well Cookie, I am on my third consecutive playback of the Blue Coast Collection Vol. 1. The two other discs are still in their plastic. Wow! Phenomenal job on the recordings and engineering. I am genuinely impressed how with the overall dynamic range of these tracks. Luscious, dense, with gobs of detail. I will say this… You have got to get Jose Manuel Blanco and Jason McGuire together for a whole album! My goodness.

I am a sucker for samplers so I just ordered the Discover New Music Volume 1 along with the Jason McGuire Event No. 17, both in MQD disc. I couldn’t help myself :drooling_face:

Looking forward to eventually getting to the Collection 2 and 3 discs…

Good luck at NAMM this week. Exciting stuff. I imagine the shipment of these discs will occur upon your return and that is absolutely fine.



Oh, and forgot to mention… The music is just so damn enjoyable - aside from any sound quality assessments I have noted. I have my share of dust ridden discs that impress on the SQ spectrum, but do nothing for me in terms of the music itself. Of course, I am my own victim of circumstance as I like to purchase music “sound unheard” because I enjoy the excitement/surprise.


Wonderful to hear, Jeff! Thank you!


I haven’t seen it mentioned yet (or else I missed it) but they are currently offering 30% off any order with code HOLIDAY30


Yes, it’s true. The HOLIDAY30 can be used as many times as you like until Jan 31, 2019. It’s only good on the website and is mentioned at the top of the page. Include the coupon code at check out. A great time to buy!

If anyone likes hour long ambient relaxation music, Qua Continuum just released its second album.

Inspired by Brian Eno

Have a wonderful week. We’ll be at NAMM talking about DSD and high resolution audio for a week.

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I purchased SFO MAhler No.'s 3 and 4 DSD from Bluecoast music. I already had No. 2.

AMazInG !!!


We’re very proud of the work Fiona Joy Hawkins (solo piano) is doing with Blue Coast Records.

In the last week, we’ve had two nominations for Story of Ghosts, her 3rd solo piano album on Blue Coast Records. First nomination was for best solo piano album by and the second was the IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) for Best Instrumental Song (Story of Angels).

You can listen to the full album on Youtube, Tidal or Spotify or download in high resolution audio here.

We recorded the album to DSD256 live in the studio on the 1885 Steinway B at Blue Coast Studios.

Fingers crossed!

Cookie Marenco
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Good luck Cookie! You are doing amazing work!!

These last few days I have been SO enjoying all the discs I purchased. I received the lasted two discs and have been spinning them much.

I am astounded that I received disc #2 of 100 on this Discover New Music Vol. 1 MQD disc. Seriously, this is one of the best samplers in my disc stable.


I thought some of you might find this article in the New York Times interesting… or maybe “It’s about time”. :slight_smile: It’s on the Loudness Wars… it’s a reminder to me how long it takes for a concept to reach the masses. It compares this year’s Grammy nominations with regards to dynamic range.

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A popular link. :slight_smile:

First posted here.


Thank you! I didn’t see that link. :slight_smile: I’ve been posting the link everywhere. It’s one thing when we audiophiles talk about dynamic range and Loudness Wars, but to finally get someone to have an article picked up in the NYT tells me there is some hope. :slight_smile:

There are a lot of broad generalizations but I accept that for the NYT. I find that many 20 somethings actually do like acoustic music and appreciate dynamics. They may not own a $1000 playback system, but they might own a nice set of headphones… and they can hear the difference. :slight_smile: I’m hopeful for the future.

Thanks for pointing out the other link.


It is a good article which I hope many see.