The long wait is over: The new Bridge II Code is live! (currently on hold pending a bug fix) v3.6.2


Could you explain further, always thought all (new) MQA albums popped up in Tidal/mConnect?


thank you Jeremy.

will I have to put back the old version with Mconnect, because I’m no longer a photo and the timer remains at zero minutes.

I would like your opinion. with the old version, everything is fine. so think do you do another update or I take the old version ??



I had 2 questions. You answered one.

Here is my second question again:

2- Are you playing an entire album and observing what happens to cover art as the entire album is streamed?


How to get back to 351 because the 362 is a fiasco,


This works:


Just wanted to report my artwork is gone now too since 3.6.2.
Using Roon.


I can confirm meanwhile:

Repeatedly no cover art anymore and no option anymore to use the touch screen for play control.


with the new version the pictures works for about 45 minutes and after nothing. I close the PS back and on again and all come back for another 45 minutes. am I the only one or if there is another member with the same problem ?


about the same here.

Anyway I’m glad about this update, as more important DLNA problems were fixed.


Widely reported similar to your experience. My system drops the album art after one or two songs. Takes a reboot to get back. I rolled back to 2.9.14. Many who posted the problem rolled back to 3.5.1.


I dont really get how such basic and widespread bugs can happen if there are just a few testers involved who really live with the bridge.


I think I read earlier that PS Audio wasn’t able to replicate the widely reported bugs in this release. “Houston, we have a problem” (delete Houston, insert Boulder, CO).


This lack of thorough testing of software releases for the Bridge II card does not bode well for Bridge II card owners down the road after the new bridge card is released for those going to use Octave. I can make a good guess where the support and development resources will be directed.

The fact that Roon support does not appear likely with the new card means that Roon users will be stuck with the old card or will have to find alternate solutions. I am thinking about tossing the Bridge II card in the bin and replacing it with an ultraRendu or some I2S solution. That’s not what I expected to have to do when buying into the PS Audio family. It’s disappointing to say the least.


It doesn’t bode well for a lot of upcoming software…


This one doesn’t affect me because I choose not to do it. The fix I really want is DMP, and we’ve waited a very long time for that, however we’ve now been given a release target date. Software seems to be an achilles heel across the full spectrum of products. And there is the software intensive Octave project on the horizon, and perhaps a world of pain looming with it. At least with a closed ecosystem they’re in with a fighting chance.


…and it that closed ecosystem which will prevent me from even entertaining Octave. There is no way that I am going to rely on one company for my streaming needs.


…but a successful software company is very attuned to input from reliable users. They listen and react fast. If you think about it, the hard core user, that posts on a web site like this, is your best beta tester ever. Have to listen!!


Sorry, I have to disagree with you on that. Thorough beta testing should ensure a relatively pain-free experience for the joe-average end-user. It shouldn’t be the end-users detecting bugs that might ordinarily should have been detected in beta.


Being the owner of a closed ecosystem music streaming system, I’m entirely happy with what I have. And when a manufacturer goes closed, they have nobody else to blame when things don’t work as expected. And of course, they don’t need to spend any effort to get their stuff to work with anybody elses. For me, closed is miles ahead of anything else on the end-user experience scale.


We have an almost universal concurrence that a problem exists with this release of the bridge firmware. On my DS DAC, rebooted with a freshly formatted SD card, I don’t see artwork. Something has to be fixed. Any indication on when the next software update will be?