The long wait is over: The new Bridge II Code is live! (currently on hold pending a bug fix) v3.6.2


Can someone post downgrade instructions using MConnectSetup, or some other Mac method? Not all of us are Windows zombies out here.


Yes, some are Apple zombies.


That may be just great for you if you have a simple setup. But you are not everyone. Some of us have multiple playback “zones” with various type of requirements and hardware.


My music streaming system supports independent simultaneous playback in 50 zones.
There is no home on the planet that exceeds that requirement.


This would cover my needs . . . barely.


Well @Elk, if you decide to renovate you can add another server that will take you up to 200 independent simultaneous zones.



Excellent! This would do it.


I’m happy to hear that. When your 200 zones are up and running the whole PS Community can come and visit and listen to whatever they want from your CD music catalog. But, you’ll need a big fridge to keep all that beer cold.


Look at Chord and the Poly, closed system, total fiasco. I will be hard pressed to look at Chord again. The good news is I looked at PS audio and have a DS Sr. burning in… good out of bad.


No, I wasn’t aware. I’ve owned Kaleidescape for about 15 years and haven’t looked at anything else since. If they screwed up Chord it’s their own fault…no blame game to share when you go closed.


I owned a Chord Mojo strictly for long flights. The Poly intrigued me but at the end of the day I didn’t need a DAC/WI-FI configuration that had resolution that wasn’t on par with my main system. Even flying, I wasn’t using the Mojo. So out it went. I can’t get past the Chord aesthetics. Ugly and no form following function. The world is full of beauty just not Chord’s vision of it.


OK, so this Chord thing is personal audio, right? I thought we diverted slightly to talk about closed vs not closed design point in networked music delivery. I have zero interest in personal audio, which explains why I wasn’t aware of the point made by @huang


How do you roll back? I need to!


What closed music streaming setup are you using?


In case you missed it…


Hi, here are the roll-back instructions I used:

If you have a windows computer, a way to downgrade. Here is the file and procedure.
Mconnect is important for conneting with your Bridge
Link to the updater:
File:9633849 psaudio_0ug_mqrstv_v3.5.1_20180109.img

        Unzip to a temp directory
        Run mConnectSetup.exe
        In the device list click on your bridge
        Click update
        Click choose file
        Click on  psaudio_0ug_mqrstv_v3.5.1_20180109.img
        Click open
        Click update
        Wait 10 minutes
        Click on refresh
        When you bridge show up you can reboot.


Hello all,

I finally noticed the update yesterday. My DSJ update went smoothly, without issue. I have been using Roon exclusively since PSA /Roon began supporting it as an endpoint,. I have not yet tried the update with JRMC24. In the past, I have had network-related intermittent issues with ticks and pops, but I have not had any such problems since the update. That stated, Roon works better than ever. And as a few others have reported, I am finding the sound quality to be significantly better.

I will try to get MC24 set-up in the next few days and get a sense of it’s operation and SQ.

(Positive Feedback Contributor)


Using the Bridge II for Roon and Tidal I don’t really have problems with cover art and time slider. I must admit I don’t care about cover art very much because I use Roon’s web controller extension.

Once I had a freeze (no cover, time slider zero, “dead” buttons) when I pressed the play/pause button on the remote. Unplugging the lan cable for a couple of seconds solved it. No need to power-cycle the DS DAC.

Also I find the sq has improved. So far I am very happy with v3.6.2. I think I should keep the Bridge and rather sell my Matrix X-SPDIF 2.


Hi Jeremy,

I did as you asked, but still no artwork on the DSD screen. Everything displays on my ipad using Mcontrol, including MQA indication etc. MQA ,title and selection playing is displayed on the DSD.

I don’t care to pursue this any further for now unless you have some other suggestion. It is what it is.