Hi Chas,

REGA Planar 10:


  • system synergy TT, tone arm, cartridge
  • excellent engineered system, long history of improvements
  • compact design
  • compact removable dust cover


  • the open foam structure of the plinth / frame
  • due to lack of absorption methods more prone to transfer of external vibrations

Thorens TD1601:


  • classic look of turntable (I won’t lie, I like the Linn LP12, Thorens TD160 looks)
  • no nonsense tonearm with versatile KISS (keep it simple st…) easy VTA, Azimuth adjustment
  • RCA and XLR out to allow balanced common rejection mode signal transfer on the low energy vulnerable phono signal
  • tone arm lift activated by mechanically contact less (op to coupler) end of record detection, it will certainly extend the life time of the expensive cartridge, I would very much appreciate that comfort.
  • subchassis avoids resonance and transfer of vibration from the outside
  • dustcover


  • very limited choice in fully balanced phono pre amps

Without taking listening preferences into consideration, sounds like the Thorens TD1601 is for you …
If you get a chance to compare between the Rega Planar 10 and the TD1601, please share…

Hi Rudolf,
Thank you for your comments. I am going to start a file, you are first.

You are right, it is such a close call that I really would like to compare them by listening.

The only dealer I know who has the Stellar Phono Pre Amp, REGA Planar 10, Thorens TD1601 and comparable phono stages (fully balanced) is Stefan Gellrich SG Akustik in Karlsruhe Germany. Not exactly next door, but I really like his positive attitude, reviews and prices. So it may take a while, but when I had the chance I will report on this forum.

analogueseduction.net have a very wide range of kit. They don’t list the TD 1601 but I would be amazed if they don’t have it as they have all other Thorens. Huge range of pre-amps. Nearer than Karlsruhe as the crow flies, but you’d have to hop over to Stansted and rent a car!

I guess the reason they don’t list the TD1601 is that it’s announced and shown on the High End 2019 in Munich, but still not released to market from production.

I think you should put the basis you can provide for the player into the equation, as you compare subchassis with (quite) hard coupled designs with Thorens and Rega.

I guess how the Rega sounds is much depending on coupling/decoupling measures of the base it stands on. Can be better than the Thorens in bass…or worse.

Without Hyperbole,
Think of the P10 as a precision measuring instrument.

Put a mediocre sounding LP on it, it’ll sound as good as you’ll ever hear it, but it’ll be mediocre.
Don’t blame the turntable.
It wont make any record sound unplayable, but it’ll tell you exactly what lives the groove.

A better pressing…this thing can make you cry. Genuinely.

Vibration measuring device…Yup.

You are absolutely correct.

Problem I have is that our stairway to the first floor is mounted to the other side of our living room wall, if I were to utilize the REGA advised wall mounts, I‘d here everybody walking the stairs through my speakers. The positive side is, my floor is concrete, and laying on a bed of sand, but it’s rather hard coupled to the stereo rack with glass shells. Hence my preference for the subchassis. My current Thorens TD105 subchassis turntable performs very well in that respect.

I’m very interested in the Stellar Phono Preamp being one of my next upgrades, so I started reading this thread. As I got further and further along I found myself fast forwarding thru post after post about TTs and other setups. I’m sure there are other threads that deal with the pros and cons of TTs, but it seems that is what this thread has devolved into, except for rare instances. It would be nice to have a moderator to try to keep threads on topic. Sorry for the rant, but what I thought would be a good source of info on the SPP turned out to be quite disappointing. Just a thought… :smirk:

Apologies for derailing this thread to turntables.

Perhaps @Elk is willing to divert these Turntable posts to a new Turntable thread.