Updating DMP from 2.06

Currently have 2.06 installed. Can I just go right to 3.06 with the four files?

Or do I need to install 2.08 and then 3.06? Thanks for your help community.

No need to install 2.08.

you can go straight to 3.06 but I would wait until next week when the final version is released. Until then, 2.06 is excellent.

I have never heard the next release called final. I would be very surprised if that were the case.


Ron where did you hear that a new DMP code was dropping this week? I may have missed the memo.

Can’t remember John. It was either something that Paul wrote or maybe it was all the soy sauce I dipped my sushi into.

found it

Thanks. Of course if Paul says it should be released next week then it probably won’t happen in that time frame.

Next week is this week. I asked it last week. I thought today will be the day. But you never know, maybe it is not ready to release.


I get it. Paul always means well, but to be honest they never hit the date he says. He gets everyone excited and then the date comes and goes with no joy. I am sure it will be soon I am just doubtful that it will actually be this week. I’d love to be wrong.

40 years in the software business taught me that release completions were very difficult to predict due to the infinite number of delay-causing variables. And that includes testing–by it’s very nature, you are testing functionality to surface any problems. And if you find them? What does that do to your promised release date? Should you release defective software to meet a date. I didn’t think so.

So I would never set customer expectations closer than ‘soon’… :wink:

I always reply it’s coming soon. For some value of soon.

That’s a bit harsh. I believe what I wrote last week was that we’ll have another release next week which it’s been pointed out is this week. Why all the doubting Thomas? It’ll happen as I said.



Today is not the day but this week, as promised, is the week.


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John that’s really cynical. Having a bad day?


Come on Paul. Be fair. You know that you miss more than you make. :sunglasses:

I don’t agree though I see how that impression can be had. I try and keep the promises to hopefuls when I don’t know and it’s rare I am specific.

I can also stop giving my best estimates if it makes people happier.

We will have a release this week. I do not know what else I can say.



@jaiello The winemaker Paul Masson used advertise that “we will sell no wine before its time.” That seems like a good mantra concerning firmware updates, too. Do you want PS Audio to release a firmware update before it is ready? And do you think hassling Paul in public about a firmware update release date will cause PS Audio to release the update sooner than it otherwise would? And if so, do you actually want that to happen?


In the great scheme does it really matter if it is this week or next week all things considered !

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