Upgrading power cables

Thinking about upgrading from AC5 to AC12. I’m not sure it’s worth it to upgrade all of them. So I have 4 total: wall to P10, P10 to BHK250, P10 to BHK Pre, P10 to DS. I’m thinking just 1 or 2 BHK250 and/or DS.

4 x AC-12 is a lot of money. Don’t you think you’d be better off trading in the P10 for a P15 and keeping the AC-5?

Well you certainly don’t need an 8 gauge to your DS. For about half the price of an AC12 you can get a custom made cable from VH Audio using these Furutech cable offerings and add way better connectors like the Furutech FI-28M which uses ultra pure a (Alpha) copper with Rhodium plating.
I’ve got the 14 gauge going to my DS and the 12 gauge going to my pre and I paid less than $800 for both in the 4 ft length.

Furutech FP-S022N (14 AWG), FP-S032N (12 AWG), and FP-S55N (10 AWG) power cables developed with Furutech’s newest formulation of gold and silver Nano Liquid. The molecules in the Nano Liquid are so small (approximately 8/1,000,000th of a millimeter) that they finely coat the conductors and smooth out microscopic surface irregularities that can affect signal transfer and impedance. This means, greater contact area for the conductors.

Nano Liquid is created by precisely mixing super-micro particles made of both gold and silver, along with a dispersion of Squalene oil. Furutech’s engineers discovered that they could affect sound quality by carefully varying the relative ratios of gold, silver and oil. Extensive testing then followed, until the optimum ratio was achieved. They essentially ‘tuned’ the Nano Liquid to deliver the most balanced, musical sound achievable.

The NanoLiquid further heightens the performance of Furutech’s Alpha-OFC conductors, which also utilize a patented two-step cryogenic and demagnetization process for superior signal transfer.

Furutech’s limited release of the 10 AWG version (FP-S55N) has been acclaimed by some audiophiles as one of the best power cables ever made, regardless of cost… This cable had been discontinued, but due to popular demand, another run was made, and VH Audio has a limited quantity available.

There are a lot of great power cables out there that don’t cost that kind of premium.

I would start with the wall to the P10, since the P10 effects everything that’s plugged into it. Next, I’d do the DAC because to my ears, it’s most responsive to power cable upgrades.
But before you spend any money, I’d go to The Cable Co and ask to audition some cables. If you like the improvement, you buy. if not, just send them back. Trust your own ears, not somebody’s hyperbole (like mine!)
Shunyata cables are my favorite, even their lower priced “Venom” line.

Thanks guys, keep the comments coming.

I’m a Triode Wire Labs power cable fan and Pete will let you try them for 30 days. Worth a phone call and a conversation. Another plus is his cables are extremely flexible and easy to route.

I couldn’t agree more with Brodic. I was shocked with sonic improvement in performance when I added a P20. One of my first thoughts was that I am glad that I did not invest in expensive power cables.


This is an excellent power cord with upgraded Furutech connectors.