Vinyl Me Please opening new pressing plant in Denver

I’m quite judgmental, I get an idea and I just go with it until knowledge or people I trust point in a better direction.

With VMP, I always saw them as more like Mondo records, pretty, unique, but generally poor quality.

After seeing a lot of glowing review on the net generally, at Christmas I leapt on their Anthology series of Quincy Jones and was astounded at how good they are, not just the packaging which was very high quality, but the coloured vinyl didn’t detract at all from what was a stellar analogue mastering effort and wonderful pressings. Even the two digitally mastered copies (Miles & Quincy Live At Montreux and Back On The Block) I thought were exceptional.

Really opened my eyes. I realise the Anthology series are pricey and their top efforts, but still, it made re evaluate them entirely.

So to see this news got me really excited.

I think they’ve done incredibly well with GZ that gets a lot of bad press, and I think historically for good reason, but increasingly less the case. I’ve had some impeccable pressings from GZ in the last year.

But I am really optimistic about this, it shows they must be doing very well to be able to do this after only 10 years efforts, and I welcome the results.

VMP Announces New Audiophile-Grade Vinyl Pressing Plant - Vinyl Me, Please (


That was the best news today!

VMP has a lot of great albums and mastering engineers but the usual inferior pressings as everyone who uses GZ.

Good to read, this changes now. I wish it had been earlier.


I’m among those who are not fans of VMP. The first two I received from them had astonishingly bad crackling sounds (Emmylou Harris’s “Pieces of the Sky” and Gram Parsons’s “Grievous Angel”), the replacements for which were only marginally improved. And the third one I got (Grizzly Bear’s “Veckatimest”) had several small splits in the edges of the cover, though the two discs in the set seem well made and noise-free (what I heard of it, anyway).

I know lots of other people who are super happy with them, and I’ll admit that the other aspects of pressing quality are there in spades (flat, on-center, heavy vinyl discs), so I may have just had a bad run of luck. But given LP prices, and the fact that VMPs selection variety is small (and maybe aimed at people younger than me - I found I don’t care at all for that Grizzly Bear album), I chose to quit.