3.6.17 Bridge II update software live


Tried the power down for a while thing with the DSJ…the bridge update still hangs. Guess I’ll wait until Snowmass hits and see if that fixes the issue with the update happening.


Excellent suggestion.
I just gave it a try, but even with the 2L files, I get Geiger counter like clicks through bridge 2.
Usb is fine, but in my system, usb doesn’t sound as good as the bridge, although I have a Jitterbug and Audioquest coffee cable.
Maybe your Roon settings are different ?
Or maybe I should focus on improving my Usb input ?
Open for advice from other forum members…


Like you I had never used mconnect before. I called PS Audio support just to make sure I could turn off my DSJr and not have a mess getting it back working. So they had me download mconnect control from the play store. I have an droid. I assume it would be the same for an iphone. Once I had mconnect download and installed:

  1. I went to the settings screen (gear bar upper left of screen).
  2. selected device setup (top of screen)
  3. mconnect found my DSJr.
  4. Once I selected BridgeII it said an new version of SW is available.
  5. I told it to upgrade. There is a sliding bar that shows the progress
  6. Once it was complete I rebooted my DSJr.

It went pretty smooth.


So many thanks!
I’ve used mcontrol like you described and the update went through without any issues!


Glad I was able to help. Now we just need to wait for Snowmass SW.


So, when I used to play Roon it would automatically switch inputs to the bridge. Now it seems like you manually have to make the switch. Was that planned? It’s not a big deal just curious


Could you please check your Roon settings, @Philippe?

Tap on the volume control icon on the lower right of the screen and go to DSP settings. Please try disabling everything.


Just updated to 3.6.17 automatically when power cycling the DS Sr. Glad to have DFF files played successfully which is my biggest wish on this release. Thanks @Paul and PSA team.

I yet update to Snowmass as I would like to try each update on different component separately.


You were right. I didn’t have the right 2L files. With the right ones, no pops and ticks. It is a sacd ripping issue.
Are there ways to improve the sound of the usb input without breaking the bank? At the moment, I use an old laptop with Roon, a Jitterbug and Audioquest coffee cable.


If you have a wired Ethernet network at home, I wholeheartedly recommend a Sonore ultraRendu acting as a Roon endpoint.


Thank you. Approximate budget ?


Speak too soon!

Updated Bridge II to 3.6.17 through MConnect (Android) like a breeze, then, switch off and back on through the back switch and 3.6.17 version was shown on the menu. Perfect.

Sonic wise no extensive tests (DSD files, etc) yet, and actually I don’t use Bridge quite often, since my main input is USB.

The only bug I discovered so far is the 50 volume issue that @RayK described.

I can confirm that the volume down to 50 issue upon every switch off on the back, is Bridge II 3.6.17 related since I don’t have Snowmass (as a DSj owner). I even tried to switch off with another input selected (not Bridge II), and same behavior: no matter what volume setting you have, it always turns on with a 50 volume.

Since I’m not using Bridge II often, I rather have 3.5.1 than this bug.

@Paul , is PS Audio looking for this Bridge II issue already (I read that Snowmass .01 will be released, but I guess this is a Bridge FW issue)?

Otherwise, how can I rollback Bridge to 3.5.1?

Many thanks.


Good news, no need to roll back to 3.5.1, and in fact it’s not a big deal after all, in my case.

If the network cable is disconnected, and, say, USB input selected before switching off (on the back) with a volume setting of 80, it remains at 80 upon starting DSj again.

So, to resume, the 50 volume issue is related to Bridge II 3.6.17 (no OS’s relation), but just with network cable connected, and therefore Bridge II active (despite the current selected input).

For Bridge II users, as the main input, it might be a major issue.


With my DS Sr Snowmass + Bridge II 3.6.17: I switched off at the back with the TOS input selected and volume level set to 100. When I switched back on, it came up with the volume set to 100, but after a few seconds it dropped down to 50. (I didn’t disconnect the network cable). It’s not a big deal for me.


The volume “50 issue” is for all user a major issue, who are listening via preamp. The DSD has no fixed outputs (for whatever reason), so the output level must always be at 98% -100%. The most reasonable would be if you could set by checkbox or droplist box the output fixed, so that the volume control is disabled. As it has my Linn Akurate.

Resetting to a level of 50 after every restart is not an acceptable solution for me.
@Paul Will this be fixed?


I am using Snowmass, Bridge II, and Roon. I have had no strange behaviour and volume stays where I set it after re-boot.
For what it is worth.


My DirectStream jr. has been stuck in upgrade mode for at least 15 minutes. The upgrade bar is flickering but no progress. Any suggestions? HELP!


Basically, you have to power cycle the DSD before every update. So shut it down, wait 30 seconds and reboot the DSD.

  1. You need a windows computer
  2. Download MConnectSetup.exe in a folder of your choice.
  3. Download Firmware 3.5.1 also in a folder of your choice.
  4. Run MConnectSetup.exe as admin (right mousekey)
  5. In the Network Adapter List select your NIC.
  6. Click on the Name of your Bridge II in the device list. All the bridge tech-infos are shown in the right window.
  7. Click “Update” in the right bottom corner.

  1. Click “Choose File”.

  1. The dialog opens. Highlight your downloadet firmware-file and click “Open”. Remark: My fimware-files are renamed for better understanding.

  1. Now you can see the name of your choosen file in the dialog. If it is the right file, then finally click “Update”

  1. Note: There will be NO progress bar like you know it from other apps. But in the blue window of the DSD appears a white lettering “Firmware Update”. From that moment you do nothing but wait. It takes between 3 and 5 minutes, then the update is done. At the end of the update the DSD will reboot automaticly. After the reboot it lasts about 30 Sekeonds, then the NIC symbol shold turn from red to green color. All should be fine. If not, pray and ask PS Audio for kindly help.

Conclusion: Everything you do, you do on your own responsibility. I explained it as well as I can. But it is (like any firmware or bios/UEFI update) at your own risk.

Good luck :sunglasses:

Bridge II update?
Bridge II update?

@qzfrj6: People on the forum who have run into this problem have rebooted (some more than once) and the update successfully installed. By all estimates, it should take about 5 minutes for the update to install. The flickering also happened on mine, which worked the first time, so I think that is normal. Do turn down your volume or turn off your amp is my only other suggestion, because once the update finishes the DSJ reboots and some (including me) have had a “pop” — don’t want to hurt your speakers.

Once it’s installed, it is great!


Thanks! I will give it a try.