3.6.17 Bridge II update software live


Many thanks @StereJo

For now, I’ll keep v3.6.17, as I don’t have network cable connected.


Thank you VERY much StereJO it worked we shall be forever in your debt sir:grin:


Updated Bridge II code without a hitch. So far, it seems more stable now – at least in my rig.


Not an issue for all of us using a preamp. Totally irrelevant to me.


Anyone has the Bridge 3.6.17 firmware link to share plz?


Review the first post in this thread.


I updated to Snowmass when it was released and then updated the Bridge firmware to 3.6.17 when that was released. Since then, I’ve power-cycled my DS twice or thrice but I’ve left it running so that I can see for myself that album art shows up correctly. It does, mostly. When I’m out, the rest of my system is off, of course. Only the DS is on.

I use both the Roon app and the mConnectHD app on my iPad to choose songs stored on a NAS.

Something positive about 3.6.17 is that it now lets me switch from Roon to mConnectHD at any time. I couldn’t do this on Bridge firmware 3.5.1. Previously, if I switch to the mConnectHD app, 3.5.1 would ignore any of its commands since it thinks Roon is still in charge. I’d have to power-cycle my DS for mConnectHD to regain control. But not anymore. Bridge version 3.6.17 will play the latest song I choose, regardless of app.

Something not so positive is that if the Roon app is running on my iPad, no amount of pushing on the blue PS Audio button will switch my DS into standby mode. I hear a brief click from inside the DS and the screen flickers once, but it remains on. I must first force-close the Roon app. Only then will pressing the blue PS Audio button switch my DS into standby mode. Perhaps this happened only because I left my DS running for several days?

I’ve now power-cycled my DS a couple of times and will test this some more.


Bridge II Firmware 3.6.17


For those that worry about blue button not working, all it does is switch off the display (which I leave off all the time anyway by using the dimmer button ) and short circuit the output, which probably draws even more power/current from the the psu.


I’ve upgraded to Snowmass (great!) and Bridge 3.6.17. Some problems remain with streaming Internet Radio from mControlHD, although I suspect that the embedded vTuner is the cause of these - previously available stations that have been dropped (WMUK), and stations that once were playable but now error out “Delay in streaming or unsupported file format” (WHYY HD2). vTuner support has so far been unresponsive.c


I’ve had time to play 3.6.17 a decent amount at this point. The Bridge II is super stable now!

The new DLNA discover improvement is real. On a few occasions in the past, JRiver would lose the connection to the bridge. It was always easy to recover by refreshing in JRiver. I NEVER lose the bridge connection with 3.6.17.

I’ve heard several posters claim a sound improvement. I have no idea. Too much changed in my system at the same time to isolate the bridge firmware: P20, Snowmass, 3.6.17, some cables.

What doesn’t work right still: Album Art. Change sample rates or file format and album art doesn’t survive. Two songs in a row with the same sample rate and file format restores album art. My criticism is this is so easy to reproduce, how does this problem persist? No one in the software quality chain runs a playlist of various sample rates and file types? Just saying…


Paul addressed the Album Art issues a few days ago.
“There is a limitation on Bridge II and its communication with the front panel display processor. This is an older system architected quite a number of years ago. When it comes time for Bridge III we should be able to provide nearly instant cover art.”

It’s good to hear the DLNA discover with JRiver was fixed as that was a big reason why I switched to Roon.



The issue Paul talked about was the quickness of album art popping up on the screen. Seems like 15 seconds is the fastest art can appear. Not what I’m writing about. Album art survives sample rate and format changes with past firmware. 2.9.14 for example! If it worked with previous versions, steal the code from that version and plug it into the latest version (yes, I know it’s not that simple but it did work and now doesn’t).

Also, the Bridge discover issue with JRiver has been over stated in my experience. I’ve used JRiver and Bridge I and II for years with nothing more than a few minor discover quirks. All the discover quirks now seem to be gone.


I only had JRiver for the trial period and Bridge discovery was a big issue for me and that’s why it’s bye bye.

Maybe Paul will chime in and address your Album Art question.


Sorry, I did not know I was not allowed to make some words bold on this forum. :thinking:



To me, the biggest issue with the Bridge II is that it and Audirvana Plus v3 still do not play well together. I am not pointing fingers … I just would like them to work with each other.


@Paul Has anyone noticed or reported that when trying to power off the DSD Sr. (snowmass) with the front panel button or remote, while on the Bridge Input (running 3.6.17) that you can NOT cycle off the unit, it will click (and the screen will flick) then immediately (within 1/4 sec) turn back on,… switching to another input (optical in my case, as that’s what I use) will allow the unit to turn of.


I reported a similar situation with Snowmass and Bridge II firmware v3.5.1. I haven’t had the issue since I updated the Bridge II to v3.6.17. There have been two suggestions to avoid an unwanted power-on: (1) using the power-off button on the remote control rather than the DS’s front-panel button; and (2) prior to powering off, switch to an input other than the Bridge II (which you mentioned).


I downloaded MConnect on the iPad and the 3.6.17 version became available. I could not see the update from DS Sr menu probably because I had already installed Snowmass.

There is a bug with 3.6.17. Volume level was set to 50 and also to LOW (attenuated setting) when I powered up instead of what I use with the preamp (High and 100). Rather frustrating.

Now volume control resets to 50 on reboot - so even worse I get this problem daily now. Extremely frustrating for those with a preamp.

Amazing that a modern device like this can’t remember previous settings on reboot! Fortunately all my other audio devices (preamp, DSP, Various DACs, iPhones, iPad, laptops, and car) are all able to remember last settings on reboot, otherwise as an audiophile (who sets things up carefully and precisely), I would probably go completely certified.


Depending on how one looks at this, it is or is not a bug. It has been discussed in this thread previously, (see, here). See, also, a general discussion of start-up volume considerations: click.