Axpona 2022 exhibitor list is out

It’s usually a mix. There are rooms by big local audio shops, sometimes smaller ones from other parts of the country, big distributors and online sellers (MoFi, Scott Walker, etc), and manufacturers.

Since Covid was discussed so prominently in this thread, and since we can probably all use some good news, thought I’d post that CDC just changed masking guidelines today due to marked decrease in Covid prevalence, such that now most of country (72% of US population) no longer suggested to mask indoors if healthy.

Hooray, science says we’re turning the corner! It is safe to leave your house!

It’s more like the world has screwed this thing up so badly that they’re just giving up and letting it spread in order to be over with the pandemic portion of covid. They know another surge is expected, and decided to relax the prevention guidance just prior to another surge.

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That’s your opinion I guess. I just trust the science - I figure the CDC probably knows what they are doing.

Can’t have it both ways - you either trust the science or you don’t. If they change the guidance down the road, that’s fine - conditions can change. But disingenuous to say I will only trust the science (CDC recommendations) when it agrees with my personal narrative.

And right now the science tells us no reason for healthy people to use covid as excuse not to get on with life. And thankfully Axpona’s exhibitor list shows most are listening. Should be a great show

We need to start living our lives without this total fear…


My prediction is one more wave based on the fast decline in mask wearing and the slow steady creep of BA.2 prevalence.

This opinion is based on nothing more than my casual observation of the human condition. I do hope I am wrong.

Hence my decision to miss Axpona 2022.

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You, Sir, are a man with his priorities in order.

I just want to keep my Wife safe. I really have no other priority. She’s grown on me. :wink:


Just about anyone in the 0 to 50 age range with no comorbidities should get on with their lives and stop being afraid…under 40 people should be back to normal…


Having covered COVID the discussion turns back to AXPONA . . .

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It’s a long but doable day trip for me (3 hours road time each way) but I will sit this one out as I really dont know what I would look at or learn but I am glad to see things getting a little closer to old normal. The visitors reports will be interesting to read though.


The Axpona exhibitor list continues to grow each day. Up to 275 manufacturers now.

It’s interesting to view the list by brand and see how many rooms each will be represented in. Many are one or two, but some are many more. Aurender is showing in 11 rooms, as the most prominent room-leading example. Highlights the value of working with partners (or maybe just considered the best complement).

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There’s being afraid and being cautious. The pandemic isn’t over. I recommend caution.


Nobody saying pandemic over. But the scientists whose job it is to guide us in these matters now say masks not needed for healthy people, and certainly not being afraid to congregate (heck, nobody will object anyone wanting to be cautious and wear a mask). Respectfully, trust the science

The state of IL is ending its mask mandate and proof of vaccination this coming week. If the numbers trend upward that could change again before Axpona. I was at a Blackhawks game last Sunday and I saw a good amount of anti maskers throughout the United Center.

The CDC Guidance is nuanced, based on community COVID presence, hospitalizations, etc. Additionally, it varies by age, health, etc. As with many things in life, it requires a balancing of factors.

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I suspect a main reason that Axpona registrations showing such vitality is the demise of Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, which indicated last fall they were unfortunately permanently suspending.

Sure there are other minor US shows including the recent ones in DC and Tampa. But there’s no more 1B at least for now (hope that changes) so it’s kind of Axpona or bust for 2022 in the US it seems. Not sure what capacity is but with guidance change Friday maybe it continues to get bigger if any space left

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