Compatible I2S source devices


Since this thread had gotten long, whats the best out of the box way to connect an Oppo 203 to a SGCD? I can solder etc but I don’t want to :slight_smile:



If your trying to get it to play DSD files I don’t think there is a simple way. That’s why I just bought the CDT-8 since I only have a couple of hybrid SACD’s.



No I am just trying to play red-book. Was about to buy it when I saw this thread!

If this doesn’t work, then CDT8+SGCD for me



You can try the HDMI audio output and see if it works if not I use the Coax output to the DAC-10. The DAC-10 doesn’t have an HDMI/I2S port so don’t know if it will work our not. If you’ve got a cable worth a try. I really like the CDT-8 and from my brief experiments the upsampling does work.



For redbook either Toslink or coax should be fine.



Thx for trying the upsample thing!



Anyone using the Wyred 4 Sound music server? I see that it has a PS Audio-compatible I2S output and may make for an outstanding server. Thoughts?



Wow - what a thread… Reading all this: has anyone here any experience (or opinion) on this device:
It’s Ethernet to I2S. In my setup it would replace the double USB transfer - in my Ethernet streamer (SOtM200ultra) and in the DS Sen.



Hi Philipp,

I received my Mano Standard (not Ultra version) just two months ago.
I intended it as a replacement for the Bridge II because I was getting fed up with ticks in DSD content and most recently and disturbingly - loud static at the completion of tracks.

I ordered mine with RoPieee Roon Bridge software but instead Magna shipped my unit with piCore. No huge problem. I just had to take the top off and replace the installed micro SD card with one with RoPieee.
I did find that Chrome browser couldn’t access RoPieee web page, but IE and Firefox could.

Sonically - it’s at least as good as the Bridge. I’ve had quite a few music sessions with the Mano in place and can’t complain at all about SQ.

Operationally - it just works.
I purchased a cheap 3 month subscription to Tidal and can confirm that MQA content plays just fine.
I will get around to removing the Bridge from the DS to see if that makes a difference in SQ.

As a USB user, you may have DSD128 content? If so, that will be downsampled to DSD64 (assuming Roon is your player) automatically.
Like the Bridge II, DSD on the Mano max’s out at DSD64.

Hope that helps

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It is a shame most TOTL, $$$ CD transports do not have I2S. Either Coax and Tos or Coax and AES6. Much cheaper ones like Oppo do. Go figure.



Oppo players do not natively support i2. Some folks have added the aftermarket card, essentially modding the Oppo but it only offers coax and toslink as digital outputs.



There was the eBay card but left and right were switched for dsd but fine for pcm, but it did offer i2s via hdmi connection from oppo to card to ds DAC. Edit: though in reality the i2s was converted outside the oppo so it was not a straight i2s out of the oppo



It does help, thank you very much.

Still not sure if/when I will take/find the time to try that route. I’m so happy with my sound… It’s just that nagging feeling, that there might be this/that/the other way to achieve even more. Crazy…



Were you able to resolve this? I’m having the same issue - no bit perfect playback through a Pink Faun i2s bridge - and the channels are reversed.



No and I worked with Jord (the owner of Pink Faun) for close to a month trying to resolve this issue. The channels being reversed can be fixed by a simple solder job on the card itself. I wasnt aware of this at the time of buying it, but you can request this solder done by Pink Faun when ordering. They’re reversed because other I2S devices have the channels backwards. I’m convinced the lack of bit perfect playback is driver/DSP related. My guess is there is some type of volume control happening on the card destroying the bit perfect playback capability.



Thanks. I’ve been going back and forth with Jord for the past few days. He’s very helpful and generous with his time but we can’t resolve the issues. What did you end up doing?



I don’t use my I2S card anymore.



Hi, just few words to share a huge improvement with my DIY streamer.

I’ve replaced my RJ45 network cable (a CAT7 Supra) and an Atlas Element HDMI cable between the streamer and the DSD. Both have been replaced respectively by an Audioquest Cinnamon RJ45 (1,5meter) and the new Atlas Element 18G HDMI (1meter).
The result is impressive, more dynamic, more details and a slight 3D soundstage improvement. I didntt test these cables separately to determine who brings more unfortunately…
At this occasion, a friend of mine, asked me why PSAudio did not choose to implement the LVDS I2S through an USB cable instead HDMI ?
I guess it is may be because the HDMI standard comes with more cables with some physical dispositions that fit better for the LVDS but not sure at all…



USB does not have enough pins to support I2S signaling.

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Exact. As the Masterclock is not used by the DSD, I thought it was sufficient. Besides that, PSAudio built this specs not only for their own purpose but as a new standard proposition, so it is important to take MCLK into account for others, probably.