Directstream MK 2- Which fuse/and how

I’m thrilled with my Directstream MK 2. Its burned in …well over 500 hours.

If I wanted to enhance the sound with a fuse- Which one should I consider ?

Also - How difficult is this to install ?


Come here often? The opinions and research varies wildly. There are those who think they are a “scam” and those who think they are an essential component with a sonic signature. Burn-in time and direction of the fuse also has been claimed to make a difference. You won’t know conclusively unless you try some for yourself. Hard to justify the relatively big bucks for such a small thing. There are several topics here that talk specifically about them but your ear is the final arbiter.

Specifically, I have tried the stock fuse, the SR Purple, and the Audio Magic MI. I have a love/hate relationship with all three of them. Wanted you get a good head start. :upside_down_face:

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Sorry, I can answer one question. A conventional rear mounted fuse holder is on the MkIl. Unlike the MKI that was internal.

I know there is no right answer…really looking for a consensus…It boils down to if I can improve my 8K DAC with a 200 dollar fuse…yea I’m going to chase it.

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So I can change the fuse without removing the top ?

Yes, finally!

Yes, easy to do. I like the SR Purple in the PST. Going to try one after my new DAC burns in longer. Endless debate about direction too. Enjoy. Some good threads already up.

If you want to tiptoe into that pool and see if you even hear a difference before spending the “big bucks” you might want to try something like the Acme or the AMR which both run in the mid-20’s and not hundreds.

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Thank you. I looked on my profile history and saw that I gave out 2k :heart: and received 2k :heart:. My wife thinks my audio obsession is a bit unbalanced. Here’s proof I am at least equally nuts.

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2k out 2k in and 2years anniversary… mmm you really need to consider the number 2 as something to pay attention to, 2day!

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Interesting, Jack. Have you had a chance to try either of these?

the SR fuses have a full 30 day return…the Purple burns-in in 3-4 days, even in standby…for me, definitely worth a try, my result in transport was very good…from some discussions here, it seems the Master may be a more complicated direction and burn in issues…

Happy cake day! How many fuses you need to light up on the cake?

Let me guess, either 2 or 20, not 2k I hope :laughing:


Yes I have in multiple pieces of gear. Never heard any great difference so that’s where I stopped.

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I have been really happy with the Synergistic Master Fuse in the Mk2 (and in the BHK Pre). Better still than the Purple, which is very good…

My DS mk2 should arrive in a month or so. Can someone confirm the fuse being used in the mk2 and I will buy the Purple fuse for it. Thanks.

It’s a one amp slow-blow for US 120v unit, according to the picture of the rear panel. Suggestion: wait until your Mk2 is well broken in (400-500 hours) before trying the Purple. Otherwise you won’t clearly identify the difference the Purple makes vs the stock fuse. Earlier today I ordered three Purples (on special for April, buy 2 and get 3), one of which will go in my Mk2 that just passed its 500 hour mark.

0,5AH the EU model 220V.

Due to the MK II sensitive to tweaks, think also about a SR Master. I bought one for my MK II but I’m still waiting it to burn in and haven’t yet tried this fuse.
Last week I had the chance to try another DAC at home and had to temporarily put the breaking in MK II in stand by. Time will tell.