Dream($ no limit) speakers BUT must fit/live with them in your current house

I once heard these at a Walmart…


Did Walmart ask you to leave? :grinning:

I can document a set out of order

That is a shame. Maybe the same person who smashed perfectly good guitars had a hand in its demise in someway. :smile:

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Only after I asked if I could demo them at home.

I had the opportunity to give a pair of them a listen at the Santa Monica Stereophile Show in the 80s and it ruined me for life. Until recently, everything else was a compromise. MBLs have the edge now IMO.

Are TuneTots the next cabin desk upgrade?

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Wow, $12000 just for the tweeters.

Infinity IRS EMIM Midrange (24) & EMIT Tweeters (72) Vintage Ribbon Speakers

Definitely an opportunity for someone to do their own DYI IRS VI. Just need to make some Woofer Cabinets or buy some good Sub Tower stack with better off the Shelf drivers and some good active crossovers.

I have some original parts for the IRS, among others

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I would opt for the Avantgarde ZERO TA XD (Teil Aktiv).

I went to listen to them at a dealer in Stuttgart, unfortunately when I arrived he had the UNO XD bigger brothers set up. It was simply the best sound I ever heard, but unfortunately totally over my budget. I would have preferred to listen to these.

Another issue is, these speakers divide my wive and me in exactly the 2 camps you describe above. Perhaps if she would be able to see and listen, she’d change her mind. Given the fact that we do not live close to a Avantgarde dealer, it is very unlikely we get a chance to listen to them.

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After researching Marten Speaker availability and US distribution, finally found a Dealer Rep in NC, spoke with Ron at LiquidHiFi there and had a great convo leaving me with a very good impression of his business and the extent to which he offers service after he told me upon ordering a pair of Marten Parker Duo’s and system related pieces, he would personally deliver and set up the system in Houston, from the store in NC. Impressive. At least there is one dealer stateside willing to order Martens.

My intimate/dedicated 2.1 music listening room dictates I maintain stand-mount Monitors. I’d keep the 1cf cabinet and the 6" Seas Custom AA Curvy W6N mid\woofer that is in my Sierra-2EX, but upgrade the top end to the Seas Custom AA Diamond Dome tweeter! At $7.5K for the stereo pair, this would be my ultimate dream monitors!! :grin:


Ascend Acoustic Seas W16N
Ascend Acoustic Seas Diamond
Ascend Acoustic Sierra-2Di

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I would put Avantgarde in my Top 3 of cost-no-object speaker fantasies … I guess the Trio Classico for its aesthetic beauty, but would be happy going for one of the models that only cost 5 figures. I think they are the most visually attractive speakers I’ve seen (but never seen in person).

I find a lot of “hot” speaker models too ugly to consider (maybe most). I have heard Stenheim speakers and they look great sound great. If I had 60k (or 30k) to spend that might be what I’d get.

I guess there also are those super-speakers from Magico, Rockport, Zellaton and Tidal that float in the economic stratosphere, but if I have to consider my listening room they would all be too much. I never really love the monster room at the audio shows. The best sounding rooms to me are the ones with modestly scaled speakers that are well-matched to their sources/amps.

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