Has anyone thought of starting a music suggestion Thread?

Has anyone thought of starting a music suggestion Thread?

On tidal there is SOOOOOO much, too much maybe, to choose from. Some sounds great, some not so great. It would be nice if people might suggest what they have heard and found spectacular.

I will Start

I Long To See You
Artist Charles Lloyd & The MarvelsTracks 10Time 1:07:35

The Jobim Songbook
Artist Maucha AdnetTracks 13Time 1:02:11

Mahler: Symphony No. 3
Artists Sir Georg Solti, Helga Dernesch, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Women’s Chorus, Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus, Chicago Symphony OrchestraTracks 6Time 1:32:26
This one has the Aqua colored Cover Art—Tidal lacks information that would allow you to definitively know what is what by text only…they have an info page with current rendition release date but they could have re-released several Mahler 3 Chicago Symphony in that year. You know what I mean?

Respighi: Belfagor Overture, Belkis, Queen of Sheba, Church Windows
Artist Vladimir Ashkenazy|Radio Filharmonisch Orkest HollandTracks 9Time 1:01:12
Same here as in above as to info

North Texas Wind Symphony: Passions
Artist North Texas Wind SymphonyTracks 14Time 1:13:20

check these out and see what you think, and share some of what you have found exceptional.


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How about this thread? Started by Lonson with only nearly 5000 suggestions. Please post there BTW. The more the merrier!

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Weird…i searched “music review” and i didnt see anything…

Sorry…I did try. I actually did see the thread youre are talking about…i just didnt make the connection and didnt open it. Seems blatantly obvious now. Derrrrrrr

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


What are you spinning thread is also a great place to be reminded of stuff you forgot you loved.

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True 10 months ago and still true now. :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the current V2 thread:

The problem I have with “what are you spinning?” is that so much reccomended is of very poor production quality.

Try “The Heart of Infinite Change” by Natasha Agrama Tidal.

very nice

There is also this thread for best sounding recordings:


Thanks…ill check that


Im was born in Cuba; so i start whit the best cubans that came to my mind:

Maria Teresa Vera
Joseito Fernandez
Beny More
Abelardo Barroso

The music is great but if you understand spanish you feel better i belive.

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Nice! Thanks @Buho. I am a fan of world music so any suggestions such as this is most appreciated.

Understanding the lyrics is nice, but not a priority for me. I listen to lots of music in languages I do not understand.

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thank you Jeff

i like very much also, music from around the world

ps. maybe we should make a thread like, for example:

top or recomendations of african music
top or recomendations of asian music

just wonder because i think it be better organised for people to get into asian or african only etc :thinking:

One of my favorite labels: http://www.stonetreerecords.com

When I post on the „what are you spinning“ thread, I care for mentioning music and sound quality and only post when I recommend something, not just mention, what I currently listen to…

Nice point. I tried a couple years ago to start an Audiophile Quality only thread and I was just sent here. But I so RARELY find audiophile SQ on this thread I just stopped using it.

I have a few for you. The first two are Jazz although modern, BUT the sound is amazing:

Natash Agrama (the two records on Tidal) , and Esperanza Spalding Chamber Music Society.

For classical: Giuliano Carmignola Concerto Italiano.

Classical acoustic guitar: Aylelsford pieces at guitar HWV 475

Peter Gabiel New Blood, the instrumentals starting at track 15