Keep having to reset DS Sr

All of a sudden I get no sound and have to reset DS Sr. then sound comes back.

Today, 1/3 of my local dsd files played with no sound…While strangely, 2/3 of the local files would play without issue, again the problem was fixed by resetting DS Sr.

This started two weeks ago.

So odd. Any ideas? It is sporadic but seems to be increasing as time goes by.

Which input are you using? When the display is on is the Source light green or red? Could it be a dodgy cable/connection? What do you mean by ‘reset’?

Winter static?

What’s your source for music?

What I mean by reset, I mean turning off for 30 secs and restarting w/out a firmware card inserted. Yes source is green, I dont think it is a cable since the restart fixes it.

Something new…volume has started to be very low, even when I turn the dac up to 100.

Something very odd is happening.

source is dsd from ssd to mac mini with usb to Dac and nirvana.

This same thing happened to me yesterday. The DS cut out and my Nucleus+ was still playing. A power cycle of the DS Sr. brought it back and everything is fine now. Not particularly static-y here in Northern California…

I just reloaded firmware and vol came back and all track seem to be pushing sound…@andynotadam how old in your Sr. ?

Hopefully we are not seeing an age related failure

Once you’ve confirmed that you have successfully loaded a given FW, one typically removes the card, as the FW is now installed in the unit, and you don’t need or want it to be looking for/loading from the card.

Often the next step in the procedure is to remove the card and reboot.

yes, I was just letter people know that The Card was out,


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:+1:t3: gotcha

LOL Audirvana

I detest Nirvana haha


My DS is three or four years old…

Did you buy it new or used?

New from PS Audio.

If it were me I would do the following:

  1. contact psaudio service providing the following
  2. your system setup
  3. brief description of problem
  4. actions/steps takin to encounter problem
  5. how long the unit is powered up before the problem is encountered
  6. what is done to resolve the problem temporarily
    The more succinct information you’re able to provide the easier it will be for the technician to replicate/fix the problem. This is the voice of decades of electronic technician schooling/work on analog,digital,microprocessor and high energy implanter technologies.
    The technician will thank you for it!

Positive waves!

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tonydennison, I noticed that you said that volume is very low. Could it be that the 20db limiter is getting enabled. There’s a button on the remote (on mine it’s on the numeric bank, last line, to the left of 0 and Mute). Do you have an LG TV because LG TVs use some of the same codes that PSA use.

That’s very clever, even if it doesn’t turn out to be the issue. I hope this is it.

LOL. Mine too, uh oh