P20 - anyone planning to test the new SR purple fuse against their Ultimate Premier in a P15 or P20?

If the mids and low bass pick up. Listening to Ella Tenderly on Legends Satchmo just isn’t Satchmo yet kind of lost his voice and trumpet it is too smooth and not the raspy voice or brass I was used to But everything is smooth as a baby bottom with the Purple.

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I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Usually when something breaks in it loses harshness and brightness and smooth out a bit. But this thing can do the opposite,
who knows.

After I put the Ultimate Premier in my Router and Switch Rcore LPS Louis Armstrong sounds closer to himself and the highs are still smooth. More bass than previously on The Itch with Keb Mo

I will say the across board clarity is better on the purple in the P20 The conversations at end of Voodoo Chile are so real especially the “Awe the bar is closed”remark from the woman.

I just hope the space on the images open up after some hours. If not I will put the Beeswax in the P20 and the Purple in The HDPLEX300


Okay since my system crosses over to do home theater duty with more amps and speakers. Spent rest of my purple experience watching a movie. Same observation as two channel. All of the sound is still stuck in 2D planes hugging the walls Yes it is very clean and detailed. But not engaging and 3 dimensional. I sure hope this fuse opens up with hours of usage. Right now it is still flat about 6 hours in.


Hey Vmax…

Both my blue and orange fuses took many 100s of hours to come
into a steady state of high sq quality where all things sq wise hoped
for come into being…

Again it is like a winding country mountain road up and down and
all around until it arrives at the desired destination with that breathtaking
panoramic view of all things beautiful inn music…

Until then keep the purple in place with continual use…it will come around…
in it’s own time. You will know by that ah ha voila moment!!

Hopefully you will get there sooner…

Best wishes

@davida Davida,

Thanks this is my first SR Fuse. The Audio Magic Beeswax were much more even keeled. Synergistic Research made marketing hype made it sound like no break in was needed and it was fully conditioned.

“ It was not until we finalized two new technologies, namely a three-stage long duration high voltage conditioning process and a brand new UEF compound featuring Graphene, that we were able to beat the Orange Fuse significantly. Together these new technologies create a larger soundstage with better image focus and higher resolution from a perceived lowering of the noise floor. Of all the fuse generations and refinements we have pioneered over the past decade, the new Purple Fuses are by far our best sounding and take the single greatest leap in performance over previous generations. All aspects of subjective sound quality get enhanced, including natural sound where instruments and vocals sound inherently right, dynamics, low-level detail, high-frequency extension, and smoothness all take a massive leap forward. “

Reading what SR stated. All of that delivered out of the box. But missing is 3D palpable sound I had with the beeswax. I guess one could argue maybe a speaker reposition is needed. But that becomes hard to pull off with HT Speakers and the fuse sucked away what they were doing as well as the two channel speakers at throwing a image behind them with depth and space. Going from a diorama of music to a cartoon filmstrip.

Since the factory installed fuse is rated for 10A/125V, I will replace it with 5A/250V for use with 230V mains.

Hey Vmax…

Myself included when I 1st read the SR infr on the purple fuse
tended to think that burn in was minimal…but as I read through
their web info on the purple fuse…I don’t seem to find
that now…Makes me wonder if I was just seeing something that was not there.

From Synergistic’s web site

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Do fuses have a burn in period?

A: Yes, most products have a settling in period. The first 200-300 hours of use are the most crucial

All of my gear has gone from some degree from little to over 1000 hours…
my oranges many hundreds of hours not the 200-300 SR’s faq states…

Like the country road allegory the expected results will materialize…including the
“missing 3D soundsatge”…

Persitent patience is the key here…don’t give up on it yet…let the “sauce” cook…

Happy trails friend
Best wishes

If there are no changes by weekend it may have to finish cooking in the HDPLEX300. I am thinking the beeswax in the P20 will give me the 3D back don’t know if the other good parts of purple fuse will stay.

A flat sound stage long term is a no go. It seems the SR description of the purple fuse ignores the image aspects. I am curious if it was intended. All the other truth in advertising belts and whistles are there and they seem to accentuate in their descriptions of the purple.

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Vmaz…I’m hopeful it will still come through…
Please keep us posted with your ongoing
purple fuse experinces…


Vmax … I concur with davida, give the new Purple fuse at least two hundred hours to bed in and then decide. I also think it will improve with burn in.
Thanks for the quick post, looking forward to hear how things go over the next few days.

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All it took is about 16 hours of Purple Fuse burn in to go Three Dimensional This Purple SR Quantum gets my full endorsement. The Beeswax Ultimate Premier still sounds a tad more open and rounded edges. But that advantage is overcome with the smoother Purple highs. If this fuse continues to get better in 200 or 300 hours I will be elated.

Color me purple it is time to hear some Prince or maybe watch Oprah and Whoopi act. Might not go that far but Danny Glover at least.

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Vmax that is great to hear…with so few hours…just be ready for the
switchbacks like country roads in mountains tend to have … untill…
the desired panoramic view destination is finally arrived at…

Keep on keeping on…patience endurance…will get you there.

Glad to know you had a foretaste of good things to come…
Keep sauteing them…grapes make tasty sautee sauce as well…hmmm :thinking:innocent: :innocent:

Best wishes

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Grapes make wine as well as vinegar. I see enough promise in this fuse variety. My wife remarked the stereo never sounded better while I was doing listening. Never disagree with your spouse’s taste as they chose you. Lol

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I envy you, my order from VH Audio is still waiting. I have not even received any email regarding shipping yet. But it is good to hear Purple sounding good in your system and that gives me high hope.

I ordered the cable company day announced. The good thing is one fuse in a regenerator benefits all connections downstream for me. Lots of new discoveries in my listening. New instruments and vocals. You are in for a treat as it matures.

Pink Floyd Welcome to the Machine.

Their is another voice standing out in the stanza following . I was never aware of an accompanying vocal. Or perhaps echo of studio wall. It always sttod out as sole voice.

You dreamed of a big star
He played a mean guitar
He always ate in the Steak Bar
He loved to drive in his Jaguar
So welcome to the machine

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You bet!

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The hi res. Catalog Pink Floyd sounded great!

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Vmax … keep us updated please as the fuse continues to burn in.