P20 - anyone planning to test the new SR purple fuse against their Ultimate Premier in a P15 or P20?

From Joseph’s website:

“What Makes the Platinum Reference “More Than a Fuse" So Fine?
Without betraying proprietary information, let me note that the More Than a Fuse dramatically increases the impedance from 0.2 ohms to 10 ohms at 10 MHz, thus increasing high frequency noise-rejection fifty fold over that of a conventional fuse. As a result of this increased noise rejection, one can hear delicate extended high frequencies formerly swallowed up in noise.

And because the Platinum Reference “More Than a Fuse” also reduces ultra high frequency noise by up to 46 dB or more, a ratio 200 times that of a typical fuse, high frequency harmonic texture is heard against a dead quiet background with a level of detail and refinement so sweet, delicate, and with such presence and immediacy—well, it will make you smile.

We could tell you this fuse is the truest, the purest, the most refined, natural, detailed, extended, airy and transparent fuse you’ve ever heard, and we believe we would not exaggerate, but with fuses, as with cables, the proof is in the listening.”


Just to clarify, I meant I don’t understand why / how the direction of insertion matters (because it’s ac), not how SR fuses make a sonic difference. One fact is one end is always connected to LIVE and the other end to Neutral through the kit., but that is the only difference I can think of.

Maybe something to do with back-emf that would come from the transformer in the kit end?

Thus my comment the fuse possibly partially rectifies the incoming waveform; that is, like a diode.

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But you can’t do anything like that as it has to pass ac

I guess it’s similar to differences that occur when swapping pin orientation of a 2 pin mains lead

Hey Chris5…

Have you since installing your new fuse have you listened to it ?

Earlier I was considering a McIntosh C49 preamp. I asked the dealer
the same question…the dealer politely backpedaled away from my question…he didn’t
have any information regarding this to help out…

My thinking is that McIntosh wants to hold closely any information on which they
have yet to form any conclusions…and seemingly have chosen not to consider
Over on Audio Aficionado under Isolation Tips and Tweaks
many Mac owners have upgraded to Hi Fi Tuning fuses with better results
than others, apparently Mac Labs has not caught on…yet…

The late JDandy has illustrations on how to orient the fuse in his Mac gear.


Best wishes

There was a posting on another forum – I think Polk – quite aways back by someone I believe with the moniker Darque Knight. Two of the points he raised based on noise/distortion tests he ran were:

  1. Some/most aftermarket fuses are subject to less noise distortion.
  2. When orienting the fuse in one direction versus the other the noise/distortion figures were consistently different.

It would appear from user reports he was correct. As to why this occurs is presumably a result of how fuses are made.

The electricity coming into your home/apartment is AC. Unless everyone who believes that aftermarket power cords and fuses make a difference are wrong I think that kinda kills the AC argument.

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I’ve mentioned this before on another thread: My friend Bob is dedicated, highly committed (he should be!) Audiophile. Bob’s never contented, always fettling with cables, fuses, etc. He was waxing lyrical about new fuses and how far his system’s performance - elevated sky-high, etc. I made the trip to Bob’s home to hear said improvements for myself. Well, I was underwhelmed! I couldn’t hear the earth shaking improvements as described to me! A couple of months later Bob and his wife went on an overseas holiday to visit family and I was tasked with looking after his tropical fish.
I took this as an opportunity to try something I swapped out the audio grade fuses for standard fuses that I bought online, I swapped out the fuses on the right channel, the audio grade fuses as per in the left channel. I left the system powered 24/7 during the 3 weeks they were away from home… On his return he didn’t hear anything untoward with his system!! I didn’t expect him to say to me ‘you’ve changed the type / make of fuses on the right channel’, that said, if it was indeed massive, hugely significant, a ‘’must hear improvement’’: surely it’s not too much to ask or expect from Bob to say something along the lines of how his system was sounding lopsided, off the boil, sounding crap, etc… He thought his system was sounding absolutely wonderful! Anyway, 6 months later I handed over the audio grade fuses!! After the profanities, Bob reinstated the audio grade fuses on the right channel, and inevitably, Bob said his system was sounding MUCH better…! The only person who could hear an improvement, and hear the sheer magnitude of the improvement was Bob… But that’s perfectly fine, because, he’s the only person who needs to ‘’hear’’ audio grade fuse improvements! I’m not having a pop at anyone here - Just recounting!


Yup, it’s Bob’s money and Bob’s sound!


A mischievous sort you are rather devilish. :grinning:


Sounds like a pop to me. :face_with_head_bandage:

I’m familiar with the arguments regarding listening/listener bias and cognitive dissonance. Lord knows we covered the latter often enough in the innumerable psychology classes I took both undergrad and postgrad.

I don’t have a glib response to your friend Bob’s initial and then continuing lack of reaction.

That having been said, I will still :heart: some of your music postings. I’m good that way.

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Not a pop! 100% not a pop. I care less if you believe me or not. “If I was having a pop I would say so and Elk would be on the case”… Because I don’t hang back!! What I reported is fact. I find it strange it should bother you so much. Anyway…doesn’t bother me.


I don’t think I understand the word “pop” as it was used.

As to believing you, why wouldn’t I? I’m sure what was reported is what happened. And it doesn’t bother me for that matter either.

Enough said. We now return to our normally scheduled broadcast programming. :slightly_smiling_face:


When you have a snap in sound of holographic, enveloping voices and sounds and a soundstage separating well, which crashes when you just move a speaker by a tiny amount or turn a power cable wrong in the socket, then it’s the opposite.

Then on some days you miss the usual sound and try to find out what you accidentally changed.

In a setup without snap in imaging and soundstaging, but mainly just noticable other special sound characteristics (nice tight bass, resolving treble etc.), it can be hard to follow non noticed background changes.

12:50am; climbing in my bed. Normal service will resume in a few hours…
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“When you have a snap in sound of holographic,”.

We are all individuals, we all hear things differently and we have our own preferences, likes and dislikes, etc… An example being I don’t get preoccupied with a phantom image in between the loudspeakers; and as you know - my main speakers - the same model of speakers from back in your high school music studies room, they breathe music, music from the left all the way across to the right side of the room and from the front to the back.

An improvement as I hear it is a greater understanding of the music, appreciating (more of) the musicians abilities, does the music engage me more, is it more emotive… If it doesn’t tick the boxes - then, for me, it’s just hi-fi differences. But like I said, just what I want/need from my system. We are all different!!


Makes perfect sense. Those omnidirectional speakers have their own fascination and by definition don’t focus sounds. Much less sensible to micro placement topics or electronics or “fuses” to influence imaging and similar.

I would agree that with omni speakers a lot of otherwise important tweaking has much less meaning.

I wouldn’t say one produces a stronger connection to the music than the other, but both are fascinating. I’d love to have an additional omnidirectional speaker option.

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The system I swapped out the fuses has Wilson speakers not Omni’s. He wants a pair but his wife won’t hear of it. There was no bad blood between us after that, Bob just laughed it off.


Yes, with Wilson‘s he should notice :wink:

Original poster here … received yesterday 10 Purple fuses and changed out my stereo and home cinema fuses. I’ve a P20 internal fuse ordered but none in stock so I have to wait on that one.
I was out last night so only got to try the stereo for an hour late last night when I arrived home.
Even with the fuses having so little use I found the main improvements over the Orange fuses was a fuller and more detailed sound.
Now I did find that one or two of the Orange fuses were the wrong orientation to all the others.
I have made quite a few upgrades to my system over the last few months.
I’ll be trying the home cinema side of the chain tonight.
I’ll update this thread as the fuses continue burn in.

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