Power Cords

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I am also recommending TWL. I am slowly trying to save for an Obsession for my P20 and then a set of Digital Americans for my Innuos Zenith/Phoenix combo to go to the P20. Eventually I will have all his cords powering my system…in due time!

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I’m using Digital Americans on my DAC, Streamer and Transport. Great cables for a reasonable price compared to some others. The speaker cables are also recommended.


I will get to the other items eventually, I do have some other aftermarket cords on those for now :). I am good on speaker cables, I have custom short run analysis plus from by 300s to the towers.

AP is another great cable that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. They are recommended by MSB for use with all their gear.

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I’m getting 3 x NRG .5s for my stellar stack. Currently, using factory cords. Excited to hear the difference.

With PS Audio now going to start carrying Audioquest cables and have recommendations for PS Audio components be interesting to see what the recommendations are

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I’m selling some VooDoo cables if anyone is interested.

I looked up the Dragons and the cost is hefty…I am looking at the TWL Obsession 20A for my P20, is the multiple level cost that much better?

Its all relative - no doubt in that awesome system the cost is justified. I certainly wont be doing Dragons on mine - i wish but i do like married life. My strategy on power cords as i am about to play in this space as well is to set my upper system limit then work around power cords in side my system. I find the where to place your best cable is an interesting one keen to hear what everyone else thinks.

Good Point and Paul does say that in his podcast…no cost spared as that is their reference system.

and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have to pay full retail price :slight_smile:
Its an interesting strategy be interesting to see what they recommend across the PS range.
Let me know how the TWL goes

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Once I get the scratch set aside I definitely will!

2 years ago I would have thought I was crazy to spend $2400 on a Shunyata Sigma NR for my DS dac or my P15. I would not go without them. Don’t get it but I am glad I did it

@minnesotafats let just assume you only had one which component would it go on ?

The p15.


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I’m sure they are donated as PS audio is going to sell and recommend them.

I have the Stellar GDAC, m700s and a Stellar PP3. Using AudioQuest NRG-Z3 cords for all units and from the PP3 to the wall outlet, and I am very pleased with them. Bought them through the Cable Company.

After demoing then purchasing a synergistic Blue power cord, I won’t be looking anywhere else for my cable needs. Between the power cord and SR’s affordable Foundation speaker cables, my system has taken a huge leap forward in musicality.