Power Cords

I am a fan of the Wireworld for my front end gear!

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Are you using the Cullen PC for a regenerator, and if so, can you say which regenerator, which Cullen PC and anything you noticed that was improved from using the stock cable? Thanks!

Hi George,

I’m using a Signal Cable: Magic Power cable to supply my P12 regenerator.

I haven’t done an A/B comparison between the stock power cable and the Signal cable.

The Signal Cable has larger conductors that are twisted quite a bit more than the stock power cable. The connectors are much higher quality compared to the stock power cable, with a stronger connection to the wall outlet and the P12.

Being that the P12 is completely regenerating the AC voltage; The stock power cable would actually be just fine.

On the outputs of the P12 regenerator; this is where GOOD quality power cables are, in my opinion, the most effective.

I’m using all Cullen power cables feeding my audio system components.

This where I’ve heard audible improvement.

The P12 is great! I have dirty AC power that fluctuates and pulses at times, I can actually see it in my lights.

The P12 cleans All of that dirty power for a Clean, Steady AC power supply, very nice!

I could’ve used the P12 stock power cable; but I wanted a better cable with larger conductors and better connectors on each end.

I’m sure the stock power cable would be sufficient.

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Thanks, RT!

Any time George!

By the way, which Cullen cables are you using?

I went by his recommendations for each component.

I’ve got the Red Copper for the amp.

The Crossover for the DAC.

The Gold for the CDP.

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I have 2 PS Audio power cables both 1 meter in length and I am in need of knowing the “retail” price of both cable.

They are AC 3 and AC 5.

If I remember correctly the AC 3 was 129.00 for 1 meter but am not sure.

If someone could respond with the the retail pricing it would very much be appreciated.
Thanks in advance…

Have you contacted PS Audio? Surely they have a record of your purchase. Or, if you didn’t buy them, they should at least be able to tell you how much they sold for when they last sold them.

Today’s EU price excluding VAT:
AC 5: $268
AC 3: $183

Thank you George_P for your suggestion to contact PS Audio.
That was my fall-back choice to contact PS Audio should I be unable to get the information from the forum.
However before I did that, I thought I would toss the question out to the group first.
Serhan, thanks for your response however I am in the USA so need the pricing in US Dollars as it pertains
to me.
If anyone else can help me out it would be much appreciated.

$130 and $299

Thank you so much Dawkins.