Power Plant 15 and A Puritan 156 conditioner

There is no difference in the capacity of any of the outlets.


Excellent point.

I thought those in rush limiters are only active for like three seconds and during P-20 power up. Thus they are not thermistors or they would work all the time. My P-20 high current outlets cannot handle inrush current draw of my MC1.25KW amps both at once if P-20 is already powered . I have to kick them on seconds apart or P-20 goes into protection. Even letting my Preamp stagger the big monos with a 30 millisecond lag still will mske the P-20 fail from inrush current draw.

I am unsure if there is a relay that closes after the inrush current drops or not. That would be one for the engineers to answer as I have never seen the schematic.


I purchased the Puritan PSM-156 a few months ago and couldn’t be happier with it. It sounded great from the get go, other than a slight upper midrange emphasis, which disappeared after two weeks of burn-in. After completely settling in, the improvements to my system were not subtle. Thinking about adding the GroundMaster city next, then eventually the RouteMaster.


Which components are fed by the PSM? Have you tried different combinations?

I have everything plugged into the Puritan. Modified DSD Mk1, PST, BHK pre and BHK 250. I tried plugging the 250 directly into the wall, but it sounds much better plugged into the Puritan.

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I found that digital components benefit greatly from being powered by the PSM, especially DACs.
P20/P15 for analog rig.
I suggest to try one component at a time, just to grasp how they work individually before getting conclusions.



I too plug everything into the PSM 156 except in my case I use two each plugged into it’s own dedicated 20 amp circuit with a Groundmaster City for each one. The digital components are plugged into one 156 and the analog components into the other one. I am happy with things this way as I get silence.


Puritan PSM-156 has improved my system by providing a darker background than P15, but I still have BHK pre and M1200 plugged into P15. In my system I need both to sound the best.

I use two GroundMaster City grounding devices; one connects to PSM-156 and one connects to RouteMaster. All my components are connected to RM. To me every component with ground line made a slight improvement, and together the whole system has had major improvement than before.


How much improvement would you say the GroundMaster City and RouteMaster brought to the table to the 156, using a percentage scale?

Easily 10% in cleaner and clearer sound in my assessment. Unfortunately I had a habit of doing more than one change at a time so I probably had a new fuse inserted during the time too. :grinning:

I remembered I had three or four ground cables disconnected, and I was surprised how much less detail and cleanness the music became. It didn’t last more than 10 minutes before I had to connect everything back.


Before purchasing the 156 I had a hard time getting drawn into the music during the day. Not that things sounded bad, but night time listening however was on another level, due to cleaner power. Although I can still hear a difference, the gap is much less, and the overall performance during the day and night has been significantly elevated. Still looking to close the gap, and possibly eliminate it all together. Listening to music now in the evenings with the 156 is a transcendental experience. Every note is pure bliss, making it highly addictive, and almost impossible to drag myself away at night.
Hoping the GroundMaster City and RouteMaster help produce the same additive listening experience for day time listening as well.


I’m a little confused on how the RouteMaster connects to the 156. Can someone shed some light on this?
Do you basically connect all unused inputs and outputs to the RouteMaster?


RouteMaster is connected by either a GroundMaster or GroundMaster City, it does not connect to PSM-156. A separate GroundMaster or GM City is used to connect to PSM-156.

RouteMaster comes with three ground cables to connect to components. Extra cables are needed for connecting to additional components.

Do they connect to components chassis or outputs?

My understanding is either input/output or any part of chassis (a screw for example).

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You can choose, but don’t mix in the same route master. If you both chassi ground and signal ground, do use separate grounding systems (like route master) and connect it all to the same star ground closer to the wall.

Best practice is to separate digital and analogue signal ground and chassi ground and the cleaning of incoming mains ground.

It gets complicated but the best thing is just to start somewhere…