"Roon Five"

How’s the new Bonnie Raitt record?

It is very good. This was my first introduction to her. I have no basis for comparison to her prior music but I do plan to check out more in the future.

Well, then run, don’t walk, over to Qobuz or Tidal and give “Luck of the Draw” a listen.

Probably my favorite of her efforts.


Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve added it to my Roon Queue for a listen in the future (about 10 hours and 43 minutes of listening (realistically several days) from now.

This to me has always been the best of the later electric Bonnie Raitt albums


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Also added to the queue. Thanks @dawkinsj

Have not yet had the pleasure; but now soon will. Thanks for the recommendation.

Several of the songs from Luck of the Draw on this live record, it turns out.

There are and it’s a turn it up loud album.

I listened to Bonie Raitt’s new album the other day. I really liked it. Some of her best work in years.


I put a 2TB Samsung T7 SSD on my new MacBook and it works really well. It’s normally around $250 and I have at least three of them. Highly recommended! It was formatted and loaded on my PC and the MacBook has no issues with it at all. I can add files to it over the network with no issues.

Mine is Red, it’s such a nice piece. One cable between the drive and the MacBook. The MacBook supplies power to the drive via the USB cable.


Red is the way.

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Is it Clamato red?





I find that the recording of “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Suburbs” is really quite extraordinary! Wide dynamic range and my favorite songs. When Beej released his CD versions of the original albums someone did a fantastic job!

I so love The Suburbs!!!

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Saw the Suburbs a bunch of times in college (U of Minn) in the early-mid 80’s. My favorite was at the Cabooze, I think Halloween maybe '83, '84?

They were late to start, and the Cabooze manager gets on stage to say their bus broke down and can’t make it, but they quickly found a band to replace them. Crowd boooooos. “Please give a warm Cabooze welcome to the Big Dicks!” More booooooos.

Band comes out in head-to-toe pink tee shirt material with anatomically correct hats, and it was the greatest show the Suburbs ever played.


More suburbs showed up in the used bin! (Their first album, Dream Hog, never was released on CD, unfortunately. I have it on vinyl tho.)

Plus a few other gems from my youth.


VH I & II! Great stuff - iconic.

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