SALE ! PerfectWave SACD Transport

Waste money on cables? How is that possible?
I’m only in it for the fancy packaging cables come in.


Yes, and you will be very helpful to those thinking whether to get get the Dragon or save a little and get the Firebird. I believe there’s many awaiting your evaluation. We are thankful you in position to do it. It’s much better than waiting for Al to get a Firebird for that result. We might have waited forever, right Al? :joy:

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I don’t see anything wrong with what you were saying unless you are a Audioquest dealer trying to push a sale. You are just expressing your joy.

My wife will not like you though if she find out that I have the upgrade bug again after getting the RAL not too long ago.


When I first compared the PST with the DMP, it was with the Dragon HDMI cable on both units. It was immediate and obvious the PST had a lower noise floor and revealed much more detail. After my brother came over and heard the same thing, I returned the DMP right away, and to @dts, no I’m not an AQ dealer nor do I ever want to be one, I just like to get the best sound, I don’t care where it comes from. Sorry about your wife, you could imagine my wife’s feeling on my obsession.

Precisely. I gave up the Crown Royal bag for the firey Ninja box. Got to keep “current”.



It has been interesting listening to the different opinions on cables and not sure how it went down this path from my original question…Is anyone experiencing an occasional drop out when connected though I2S?

Sorry cables are taking over many threads here. That is PSA fault since they postponed their new gears for too long and people got bored here.

I have drop out from using USB input, never on I2S though. must be the cable…

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No dropout on I2S, or AES/EBU here.

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@jamesh Any further update or ETA on recommencing shipments? Thanks in advance.


No dropout on i2s

Slowey but surely. Sounds like we are getting a decent number of the boards next week. If all goes well, we’ll be able to resume building and shipping by the end of next week.


Just in time for Christmas :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: