Snowmass DirectStream Sr. upgrade - Available in the Downloads Section


As a SB user since SB1 (still have a couple of Touches and a Transporter, not currently hooked up in the new digs) my only issue with those “VU Meter” displays was the ballistics were not realistic or realtime. They were cooler looking than the digital meter displays, but as a lifelong user of devices with real meters, they were just sorta fun. Prefer my displays to default to off after X seconds anyways, so I might be the wrong person to comment on this.

So…I would say - I agree, that would be cool, but only if it can truly work accurately in realtime.


The DS, etc. screen is definitely too slow. The TSS screen should be fast enough. The FPGA has always had the code to decimate and return the max level seen over the last period of time to about a 1/16 of a dB, but there wasn’t much we could do with it.


I agree 'beef. My comment was really with respect to how the Squeezbox team was so clever and far ahead of their time with respect to interfacing, music management, display utilization… pretty much everything that it seems most companies are only now starting to figure out.


I know. They were so great - I was heartbroken when they were bought by Logitech. Though they did do some good things, like the Touch, I just knew it was the beginning of the End, in a way.

I was totally surprised, speaking of displays, when, many moons after signing up with Roon, I hooked up the Transporter again, and the Roon logo appeared on the screeen, and the thing worked great with it. Good stuff.


Oh it’s so easy! Just download the excellent SD card formatted program for Mac and you can wipe the cards and format FAT16 easy peasy. I’ve had it for years on my MacBook. So much easier!


Ted, don’t think the Snowmass hype is over…I’m still sitting fascinated in front of the speakers all the time I’m playing new albums, it’s a tonal shape, color nuance and soundstageing machine! Still can’t believe I’m listening to SW rather than HW. :sunglasses:


If you have access to the Sarah McLachlan title, Afterglow, dial up Track No.1 (Fallen). I experienced a first ever in terms of throwing a sound stage with this track last night. At one point the music seemed to wrap all the way around to, slightly behind, and at a considerable distance from, my left ear. Wowsers! Let me know what you hear.


Three others but not this one unfortunately




Just streaming from NAS, no subscription, but I’ll check it the next days


10-4. I totally agree with your earlier comment about the latest FW delivering a new experience. “Its déjà vu all over gain”, going through my collection (first with Red Cloud and now with Snowmass).



I have always liked the soundstage depth on that disk. It has become even deeper and the piano more convincing. Play Pink Floyd’s In the Flesh ‘It all makes perfect sense’ Hal’s voice clearly comes from the left rear with tremendous depth and width of soundstage.


Thanks. I’ll check it out. Experiencing that kind of wraparound musicality from 2.1 channels is quite remarkable and fun. I can’t help but wonder if speakers of a certain capability (and/or room placement and set up) are necessary to achieve this. What are your “transducers”? I have Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1s.



I use the B&W 800 Matrix speakers. My room is treated with Roomtune products. My speakers are precisely located and slightly toed in. I get amazing soundstage width and depth and full surround effects from recording that have the phase information to make that occur. Annie Lennox Diva track 4 a legend in my living room has neat surround effects as does her album Bare track 3 The Hurting time. When your system can let you hear phantom speakers you know it is revealing the phase information that allows your brain to decode the effects. I have brought these disks into other systems and they were not able to create the illusion that my system can.


Hal is the computer from 2001 and you hear him saying how he is afraid that his mind is going.


I have heavy speakers, too, but they didn’t have to be towed in. :wink:


Forklifted, maybe…


You Spell Checker! :wink:



If you are a Sarah fan, you have to try Angel from Surfacung. With Snowmass her voice washes over you in waves and seems to just lingers in the air. It’s a near spritual experience especially with the lights out and your eyes closed!


Will do! TBH, I never really played Afterglow that much. It’s just one of those CDs hiding in the collection and getting overlooked. With Snowmass, it is in heavy rotation. Thanks.