Sprout and <$2K speakers for a large space?

I am looking to upgrade our open living room area’s sound system. My main system (Rega P6/Ania/Fono MC, DirectStream Jr, Parasound Halo Integrated, B&W CM10 S2s) is used for most and critical listening in a different area, but our living room area currently uses 30 year old JBL 2600s to a NAD 3020 and Sonos Connect.

The living room/kitchen is an open space of about 25’ x 15’ x 9’ (with a foyer and stairway on one side). Not optimal. I’d like something that sounds good, mostly played at low levels (background), and looks good in the room.

I was originally thinking of the NuPrime IDA-8, but have circled back to PS Audio Sprout100. No turntable, all Roon-based digital.

I’m also thinking stand-mounted bookshelf speakers (B&W, Dynaudio, etc.) in the $1000 to $1800 range.

Is the Sprout100 up to the task? Do you have speaker recommendations? Am I asking too much for the room?

Sprout with KEF LS50 and SVS subwoofer at or under budget

I have a friend with the Sprout 100 and the KEF LS50’s in a large room and they sound pretty good. And the system can reach pretty high volume levels, which surprised me considering their sensitivity around 87.
If you want floorstanders, go to the ZU Audio site and look at the Omen DW’s; $1K/pair, fabulous sound, 97dB and 12 ohm. My son has the Zu’s in a large room and he’s using a 3 watt tube amp.

I’m exceedingly happy with Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2. ‘B-stock’ - difficult to find what’s wrong with the finish to make them b-stock are a steal at $1100.

I drive them with M700 but the Sprout 100 should do just fine.


Not sure of all the constraints you have, but I bought a Kef LS50 Wireless system ($2K) for my vinyl ripping desk simply because I didn’t have room on the desk for the Sprout (desk has 2x24" monitors, turntable, Nuwave phono preamp, NUC, record cleaner, and the Kefs). After listening to the KEFW system for a month, I’m really impressed. I am surprised at how wide the sound stage is, the detail and overall sound. I use the KEFW mostly for nearfield listening but when I turn them up, they easily fill the room. Turns out I get less ripping done than I expected because I often lean back and just listen rather than curate my collection or rip another record. I connected the KEFW to a NUC via the supplied USB. It has other input options I haven’t tried - including Bluetooth. My setup time (including unpacking the box) was approximately 20 minutes, including installing the Kef USB driver on the NUC. That said, you’d spend less on the Kef LS50/Sprout 100 combo and get terrific sound.

If your set on buying the Sprout in a room of that size you need to look for a speaker a lot more efficient than the LS-50. The Ascend Acoustics Sierra and the Nola Boxer are two that come to mind and that I have heard in my system as well as the LS-50. In the end I preferred the Boxer but the Sierra was a close second. With the Sierra you have two versions with your choice of soft dome or ribbon tweeter. There are many other quality bookshelf speakers on the market that are more appropriate with the Sprout power wise than the KEF. Look at Fritz, SF, Golden Ear and others.

Thanks for the input so far. I’ve never warmed to the KEFs and they aren’t really on the radar, but thanks for the suggestion.

I’m not necessarily ‘set on buying the Sprout’. Size is a consideration; I need something compact an unobtrusive, but want to balance the trade offs inherent in that with the best possible sound. Bookshelfs meet that same constraint vs floor standers. Again, not ideal with the size of the room, but it’s what I have to work with (free-reign with the main system in another room, not so much in the living area :wink:

I’m (more than) happy with my DirectStream Jr, so the Sprout as spec’d seems like a good option (a little power, very compact, hopefully some PS Audio magic). Really at a loss for speaker direction, though.

Thanks again…

Might I suggest a Sprout and Klispch. This is a direction I’m considering for a large living area. The Heresy III and a small musical sub, or a Cornwall without the sub might play quite nicely together.

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KEF R300 and never needs a sub with the Sprout100. Got another sprout in bedroom as well with Q100s.

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-6 dB from 42-45Hz doesn’t NEED a sub but sure would fill in the lower octaves.

They need a sub.

-6 dB means the speakers produce only 50% of the energy on the recording at 42 Hz.

The lowest E string on a four string bass is 41 Hz; the low B on a five string, 31 Hz. The decay of a kick drum goes down to 20 Hz.

Also, an important amount of ambient information is contained in this frequency range.

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Haven’t missed bass on those KEF, even when defeating the Sprout default bass boost. Hear them in person, return if not satisfied. I have them 3 feet away from back wall and still go too low sometimes.

It’s not too low, you’re getting some room gain from the wall but it can only be boosting what the speaker can produce.

I often listen to my bookshelfs that rolloff at 38hz without subs on. They sound great but without the subs playing there is content missing.

Bookshelf speakers can sound great. They are just not full range.

Yes and yes and yes. I try hard to not get room gain, too much and the bass gets floppy quick, no bueno. I used to have full range pairs in every room but something made me switch to all bookshelves. Tighter controlled frequencies. I once was enamored by mid range performance and imposing vocals, which made all my towers full range, until one day I realized that I had lost the palate of midrange dedicated drivers. I still have one tower pair full range and the KEF which are 3 way bookshelves in case I revisit my old taste. 5 other systems in the house keep me away from getting bored from any single set and the midrange vary on those other two way sets.

I can say that the KEF pairs well with digital sources and is a tamer of those with the sprout. With Stellars, I hated their sound.

I might suggest looking at the Martin Logan Motion 35XT’s. The are, I believe, 4 ohm and are quite efficient as well as superbly clear with their large AMT tweeter.


When I initially got it, I tried my Sprout100 with my pair of Monitor Audio Silver 300s in a room slightly larger than you describe (about 30’x15’x9’). Sounded pretty amazing actually and got plenty loud. I don’t think you’ll have an issue filling the room with any reasonably modern speakers. Also, those Silver 300s are highly recommended, though just outside your stated price range ($1900 if memory serves).

I’m entertaining a set of OHM Walsh 1000. I have not heard them yet but lots of Positive reviews. Zeos call it the best speaker ever. May want to take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_8xUDYBgZQ