Synergistic Research ORANGE Quantum Fuse Vs Blue Fuse

Elk has it right for 120v. For a JP unit, it’s a 2.5A.

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Hey Joe-Appierto…I wish I could answer that one for you…
as I haven’t tried either the HFT gold or Silver Star…

Only a guess can I offer…but it would seem logical
to assume that your thoughts on the warmth combined
with detail is what HFT was aiming for with the Supreme3s.

I really enjoy the Supreme3s’ warmth and detail…in contrast to
the Oranges…the Oranges do fill out but not quite the same level of warmth
as the Supreme3s…yet yield those minutest details more precisely than the

So while my pre and power amp run the Oranges…I replace the Orange with
the Supreme3s in my P15…looking for the best of both worlds…
It seems that this is acceptably close…

Happy fusing

Best wishes friend

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You make me smile with your descriptions, thanks.

I have used the Gold, SilverStar, and the Supreme. The original version of the Supreme and not its current incarnation. The only piece of equipment I have that uses the HFT fuses now is my CA200 integrated. The 4 SilverStar in the B+/B- rails and the Gold XLT for the mains connection because the inrush tends to be a bear to handle otherwise.

Haven’t tried any of the Synergistic ones but judging by comments that seem to be almost universal, I guess they sound darn good in any number of applications. It always comes down to personal choice of course.

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Well…it is good to know that I can still put a smie on somebody’s face :grin:

Indeed it is always a matter of choice to the hearer…

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So you did accomplish something good. :slight_smile:


Great lookin’ buncha young 'uns…

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