System Photos!

Do you have the Amazon link?

Herbies are a bit bigger, but they seem to be made of the same stuff.

Herbies also appear to scratch rather easily.

I’ve bought a few other bits and will make some more, and I need some padding under my tumble dryer so the rubber stuff will come in useful.

Herbies appear to use a really cheap moulded rubber. For a few dollars more I would use 5mm sorbothane sheet.

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These are more Herbie size. There are dozens of products using this sliding material, all around $10 for a dozen or more units.


I doubt that if Herbie‘s claim is correct that he used an exclusive BASF product/material provided for him.

These are the gliders I put under my Sopra 2:


A very different animal from the sliders you’re using.

I do however have a set of Gaia for the Sopra, but have been too lazy to install.

I waited1.5 years to install my Gaia’s. Do it, It’s worth the time.


I bought the Herbie’s on jazznts recommendation, they charge a load to ship to the UK, I sent about $170 in total for 8 of them, and then I had to pay an extra $55 customs fee. So well over $200 and I will be replicating tomorrow morning for about $35 and have plenty of rubber mat to put under the tumble dryer.

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I personally use those:

under the main speakers (although I also have Gaia I‘s for them) and I use Gaia II under the Sub.

And I use some similar Herbie‘s under the rack.

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Loving the AP Tempo IVs.


It looks like you live in a timber house or a log cabin. It looks fantastic!

I just can’t get enough of this space, it’s to die for, so so jealous! The system as well of course is fantastic.


I am going to have to get over my trust issues. The one and only person I trust to help me lay them down and remove the spikes broke his leg very badly and is out of commission for a while. I am gonna have to either wait or take a leap of faith…not easy for me.

It was a two person job for me. The Wilson’s are very heavy. To complicate the install, I have the dedicated carpet spikes. You need to be exact about location on carpets. The additional benefit was to give the speakers a very slight tilt forward by tuning the thread height.


With carpet the Gaia II carpet spikes are essential sonically and for stability’s sake.

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I’d half seriously go as far as calling it a log mansion. Heh.
84 years old, a true example of how they kney their schiit in house-making back in the day - not to mention it was my olden relatives as the carpenters. Third house on this plot so far, my ancestors moved here in the 1700’s. It feels weird and humbling to live approximately just where my greatgreatgreatgreat…great-grand-relatives lived. Makes the residence and surroundings truly feel like the home.


I’ve had great results with these speakers as close as 36" inches off the front wall in other rooms, but in this room I have the ability to have them out over 6 feet!

I’m gonna mess around with them this weekend. Last night, I just plopped them down where the other speakers were, so not ideal for these.

Let me know where they end up in the room when you are done fussing them in.
Did you build them yourself or have it done? My free time is so limited that I would most likely never get the kit together. That is one of the main reasons that I went with the X5’s.

I think if you use a lever and some blocks you might be able to block up and change out one end at a time?

I actually purchased these when they were first released about 14 years ago through AV123. In fact, the plaques on the backs of them says “AV123 X-Statik”. But since the owner of that company ended up doing illegal, unscrupulous things, I refer to these speakers as “GR Research X-Statik’s”, since they are the brain child of Danny Richie anyway.

I’ll post up final positions of the speakers when I get them dialed in.

A few more new pics with better lighting…