The long wait is over: The new Bridge II Code is live! (currently on hold pending a bug fix) v3.6.2


And yet they don’t have a macOS version for this application…

Why don’t you email them and tell them to port the software to macOS. Or…why dont you take my earlier recommendation and just install Wine. You could have downgraded to an earlier firmware by now if you had already done that.


Laziness. Pure and simple. I’ve encountered this absurd phenomena for almost a quarter of a century in the tech biz. (And Windows developers that can be stubborn jackasses when it comes to writing for macOS or Linux.)


I’m just happy to see the issue “officially” acknowledged. But I used Zombieware to roll back. Didn’t get a BSOD or anything…


well done!


We get that you despise Windows. But if you hate Windows so much that you refuse to use it, and if the lack of Mac compatibility is a deal-breaker for you, then I think the burden should be on YOU to inquire – before buying a product – as to the extent to which said product can interface with Mac computers. If you had called PS Audio before buying a Bridge II and asked, “can Bridge II updates be rolled back using a Mac?,” you would have known the answer and you could have made your purchase decision accordingly. Apparently, you didn’t ask beforehand, you found out after it was too late that the answer is NO, and now you want to blame the company.

To put things in perspective, consider for a moment a strict vegetarian looking for a restaurant to have dinner. Should he check beforehand to see if there are non-meat alternatives on the menu? Or should he just show up, hope for best, and fault the restaurant if there are no vegetarian entrees?


I think his answer to that was “Laziness. Pure and simple.”


Bootzilla, so in your skewed world view, I am at fault but the developer is not?

ConversDigital makes iOS apps. If the functionality to downgrade the firmware is in MConnectSetup, then why is it missing from MConnectControl? Why isn’t a rollback function there? Again, laziness, pure and simple.

And, yes, if PS Audio bought the software from them and gives it us then they are responsible, too. Until this thread I did not know that the hardware for the Bridge was made by Convers. I thought it was PS Audio that designed it. It explains the talk of a new Bridge card designed by PSA for the Octave.

Depending on a third party will always get you into trouble. They are not only ignoring a segment of their customer base, they just simply don’t care. If the Windows app has it, why not port it?


The processing board is made by them, not the entire card. It’s a 2-piece card, one of which was designed and manufacturered by PS Audio. More high end audio companies than you realize do this exact same thing.


Jeremy -

Does this mean they will be addressing the freezing track progress issue as well as the remote track skipping functionality (both while utilizing Roon) being broke? Thanks for the reply.


Very glad that PS Audio is acknowledging that this Bridge Update has unacceptable bugs. In my case with a Jr, I have mislabeled MQA tracks as Unk, FLAC as Unk, as well as MQA as FLAC and vice versa. I’m also a Mac user with no computer attached to the Jr so I can’t downgrade.

I think it’s telling that Ted doesn’t use the Bridge. As wonderful as the free updates are, we should expect them to be fully tested in all ways that an end user might be using the product. I’ve certainly learned my lesson about early adopting and I truly hope PS Audio has been huddling privately about this poor customer experience.

Paul and Ted’s silence is telling as well.


Do keep in mind that Ted is not involved with the Bridge.


What is it you guys with complaints would like Paul and Ted to say that Jeremy has not already said on his own as he was instructed to say. They made a mistake in the release, they are sorry and are in the process of working it out. Nothing else to say and as he has said many times, Ted has nothing to do with the Bridge only the DS itself. Also the constant complaining about missing pictures on a 2" screen probably on the other side of the room makes no sense. Isn’t the same cover art being complained about on your control device screen? Are we listening to the DAC or sitting in front of it looking at the screen. I am using the supplied software and have no issues with mislabeling, freezing or other issues mentioned. If these issues are with other third party software then maybe they are partially to blame too.


Leaders own their companies’ mistakes. They don’t send employees out to take the heat.

Also, I have no way of knowing if my Jr is playing MQA or FLAC. What am I listening to? It’s more than cover art.


That’s right. I saw the light and bought a Windows computer for the sole purpose of doing stuff like this. Software updates on devices that don’t support Mac (like Lumagen video processor, display calibration tools etc).


Said it before, I’ll say it again, I love the album art feature. I like playlists and entertain a lot. I can glance at the screen and remember artists and albums (I have a pretty large collection). Wish the screen was bigger!

I also have good suggestions for making album art better. For example, art should not change between songs from the same album. I’m positive a version from the past (I’ve been a Bridge user for a long time, started with Bridge 1 and eLyric) worked that way. Why see the PS Audio symbol for 20 seconds between songs from the same album?


I like artwork changing whilst an album is playing (my non-PS device does this). For example, if I was spinning a Cold Play album I get delivered a random mosaic of Cold Play images, band members etc. Not just the album cover. It’s a very cool feature.


Strangeness today for the first time since the release of version 3.6.2 my DS is displaying the information on the screen after more than 30 songs performed inside a playlist in Tidal.

In one or two songs only the art did not appear and the format of the file was displayed as “unk”.

I did not see this sudden improvement to any event related to the setup, yesterday the problem still appeared, today when startup seems to have disappeared.

I’ll keep watching and I’ll come back with the additional comments.


I’m fine with dynamic art work. It would be a neat feature. I don’t understand why it just can’t stream the art from Roon simultaneously. It would certainly simplify things. PS Audio sub contracted the bridge to Convers for their expertise but after 32 years of IT services I learned that you don’t mess with what works. Blocks of code that work and are independent of what’s generating sound shouldn’t have been impacted. I digress. Let’s just get it back.


The answer here is that PS Audio should have an OS agnostic way to update/backdate the Bridge II card just like they have with their DirectStream DACs.

That’s the answer…not telling the customer they Need to send their DAC or card in to Boulder.


Assuming they come up with a quick fix, let’s say a week or 2, or 3, is that such a major drama? Can just hold out for a while? Think of us DMP owners who have been waiting over a year for their definitive software fix.