Who's the dude on the psaudio home page?

Just curious who’s the dude on the psaudio home page? Is it someone at the company or some stock photo? I think I’ve seen some videos of psa’s space at some show where he’s on the poster too.

This dude?

yeah, him… I know it’s not Paul or Scott or James or BHK or Ted Smith… :joy:

An actor they hired for the shoot.

Looks like an actor. Another site I frequent has this guy on it.

Well, they couldn’t use any of the real employees. . . .


He looks a bit smarmy to me.

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I am already tired of him staring at me every time I open the PSA site - which is pretty much every day to scan the forum…

I think he is the heir to the company. At least that’s the expression on his face :grin:


It should be this guy.

Hello friends!
Say, are you the kind of person who likes the walls to wiggle when you are listening to that one really good song from Supertramp? Well shucks, come on in! We have amplifiers for every occasion!


I always knew you were actually Jerry Lewis!


He’s the guy who’s told by Paul in the ad to keep his old piece-of-garbage broken down sh*t if he’s thinking of trading it :wink:

I always assumed he was an employee. Geeze guys, use Lou or Darren or someone…

I wouldn’t buy a pint of milk from someone looking like that.

It’s one of those images suitable only for a caption competition, and in this case I suspect the winning entry would include reference to some sort of deviant sexual practise. My entry would be along the lines of “Why not come round and see my rejected prototype speakers that aren’t plugged in anyway, and then we’ll go behind the bike shed and I’ll show you how I get my face to look like this.”

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That guy has such a smirk that I want to punch him!

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Use Scott. Some day it will be his company!

Or use Lon. I like his first name. :wink:


Yeah, I wasn’t handsome enough to make the cut. As posted above, all of us look too much like clowns to be on the front page :clown_face: :joy:

He’s a friend of the guys that were helping us take some of the photos for the new site. I went to help out at the shoot and sparked up a conversation with him. He’s a really cool guy and a local here in Boulder. He’s only so cool though because if I remember right, he’s running a Sonos setup at his place…

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As long as he’s not the measuring apprentice at ASR :wink:


I miss your bunny avatar.

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