Your drink of choice

Trop de Stranahan - Vraiment.

Je m’excuse

Nonetheless, just sorting out if your knowledge of the Northwest Watershed is intimate or Internet related.

Defense de Kennedy✊🏻

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A combination. I’m a geologist/hydrogeologist by eduction and training but work mostly in the Seattle area. I’m vaguely familiar with the Portland water supply but had to check with the City website and a topo map.


Yeah the Barbaresco were fabulous—the reason for the meal. Although a bit young we did match them with robust foods. The Sauterne was a 2001 and was sublime with the Roquefort my son brought up from Salt Lake City. The Carmenere was from Clearwater Cellars Lewiston ID), about 35 miles down the hill from us a Reserve which needed time, but very, very detailed already, Their regular (sold out until the new vintage) had an amazing peppery finish that so balances the fruit.

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I do bunch of shizz by eduction, bruh.

In case anyone is wondering - I will confess that I am the drunken tit here in this thread at the moment. But - you kinda gotta experience this Shanahan at some point.

Just sayin’.:man_shrugging:t2:

Drunken tits rule.

I’m going to have to buy me some Stranahan tomorrow.

I’ll have to check out Clearwater Cellars. I love a good Carmenere.

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Peaberry Yauco Selecto. Unfortunately the plantation was destroyed in a hurricane in the early 2000s and I’ve never seen it since.

The second best coffee I’ve ever had, behind real Jamaica Blue Mountain, and my favorite amongst coffee beans you could actually buy.