Anyone experiencing FedEx delivery delays

Sadly, I cannot argue.

I’m sure there’s a reason it’s going to Kyomi first, but I personally can’t think of one. Opening the crates and inspecting the amps seems like a lot of work, especially since they will need to be crated and moved again. In my experience, damage occurs most often moving and unboxing/boxing gear.

That said, I am sending you positive vibes!

It is the dealers responsibility to deliver and install the gear. I wouldn’t have it any other way with the mass and cost of the gear I purchased. A 550 pound amplifier package should not be drop shipped.


I was expecting a delivery from Acoustic Sounds today. Not looking good…

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Oops, I have been told my gear will be in the US tomorrow. If it arrives in Chicago by Friday it will be delivered to my home early next week. I need to study a thesaurus for new superlatives.


I was expecting that the dealer would be present at your house. Perhaps too much to coordinate.

Either way… Fun! Not too long now.

Superlatives shouldn’t be needed.

Uncomparable adjectives describe absolute states or conditions. Modifiers like more and less do not apply to them, and they don’t have comparative and superlative forms.

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Do you think if I compulsively check the shipping progress of my amp every thirty minutes it will get here: a) faster; b) slower?


A watched pot never boils…:rofl: