Anyone try these Acme Audio Labs silver cryo fuses?

This reviewer finds them to be better than the Synergistic Research orange fuses, for the most part, and they’re a fraction of the cost.

Considering how affordable they are, I’m down for giving them a try.


nice price

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I’m curious. Has anyone on the forum with a pair of Magnepans tried these or any high end fuse in the slots that protect the tweeter and/or midrange and can you hear a difference?

I’m so off the fuse merry-go-round. Went down the rabbit hole of flipping fuses in my system to find out which orientation ‘sounds best’. Too many permutations and pulling of hair, not enough of listening to records. Just got The Cable Company’s specials email announcing the ‘new top of the line’ SR purple fuse.
Ugh. Just me being in audio tweak curmudgeon mode.


With you, brother


Their outlets have been well reviewed for a while but never heard anyone mention the fuses.

As much of a believer I am in the art of tweaking…its comments like this that bring down my faith in most professional audio reviews today…:roll_eyes::unamused:

Excerpt from the Enjoy the Music review…

“It is almost laughable to talk about the value of these fuses. For less than a hundred bucks I have five fuses to run from my digital front end to my power amps. The equivalent improvement in resolution, transparency, macro and micro dynamics, timber and inner detail could cost you a hundred grand if you were thinking of buying components or speakers. I am continually amazed at how much performance has been hiding in my Kharma speakers from 2003. Adding these Acme fuses to my system brought these vintage speakers up to the sound quality level of speakers currently in production.”

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For those that might care about ordering them it appears that Parts Connexion has them on sale.

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No doubt there’s a little hyperbole at work here, but my takeaway is, the Acme fuses impressed him to a greater extent than the much more expensive orange fuses. Considering what they’re asking for them, I’m willing to roll the dice and give them a try.


I don’t know those ACME fuses, but if they’re as good as the best others I tried, I must say, in a revealing setup, the described effect is real. My experience is a multi thousand $ component effect. „Irresponsible“ not to use audiophile fuses with decent equipment, from in sum over 5k.


I´m looking at QSA Audio Fuses and their upcoming Gold version just €8530 per piece. Imagine someone buying 12 of those to make BHK mono amps really sing, plus of course all other gear needs them too. Crazy. :shushing_face:

USD$10,000 according to their web site. I mean, really?


Well funnily enough that Gold fuse doesn´t exist yet but they already know it´s price. :grin: They seem to make nice fuses a bit cheaper too and are a rising star now what comes to fuses but prices are getting ridiculous. Time for PS Audio to look for new opportunities maybe…start making fuses,that´s where the money is at :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There are some reviews cited on this page…at least it seems the fuses are generally a major weak point in the chain. Before I’d go upwards of 100-200$ a fuse, I’d want to understand what the good ones exactly do and what’s the cheap ideal at this place (e.g. a good solid conductor and maybe a HF noise filtering device) and try this in comparison.

Recently blew a HiFi-Tuning Gold XT fuse on my integrated during a power outage caused by an electrical storm. Put s stock glass type in to hold me over. Was okay but you could tell the difference. Ordered (from Holland no less) a HiFi-Tuning XT Copper Supreme3 fuse as a replacement. It’s been in there a couple of days and the difference so far is noticeable in the treble which is a bit more detailed and smoother at the same time.

I know HiFi-Tuning is old school nowadays when it comes to fuses but for USD$70 including shipping from Europe I think it was money well-worth spent.

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I ordered a couple from Parts Connexion to try in my Van Alstine SET 400 and Kinki EX-M7. The BHK 250 already has an upgraded AMR fuse. For $40 shipped for the pair it’s worth a try.

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Anyone know where I would find the specs for fuses on PSA products?