Audio Magic Masterpiece M-1 Fuses

Got it, thanks. I’ll start with the RF sheet on the P20.


I tuned absorber rings with this song last night for the M-1s. Things just happened everywhere in the room once it was adjusted to optimum sound The bass comes from every where you are totally enveloped in the soundstage. Nothing nasally weak or limp from percussion, instruments to vocals. Get this song right everything else follows. The three M-1s go from sedate and refined to incredible and alive All achieved with 12 watt peaks i was playing with preamp level 39. Before it took level 50 with 3 M-1 fuses just to start feeling bass. The tuning ring is the key. My theory is EMI and RF kills music depth and breadth it must steal gobs of power to amplify frequencies we can’t hear. Strip them out and music just breathes and flows and immerses you. I heard it at front of the room moving the tuning ring it was like doubling sound pressure. Whereas the volume was stable.


After installing third M-1, I had to reduce the absorbent sheet in P15, and I removed the absorbent tapes all together under PST. I adjusted the ring a bit away from Dragon plug, and that brought the system to a great balance and better sound.


I forgot you resized for P-15. The P-20 installed internal absorber was sized and positioned right but Tuning ring on M-1 LPS for the digital switch for ethernet communications really reacted positively and returned some oompf and live excitement to streamed sources including my HT. Apparently the Roon host sonic transport, ultraRendu, matrix, and DS Analog board powered by HDPLEX300 M-1 fuse also reacted positively to optimized power and data stream over ethernet switch.

AC power is a funny entity on how it reacts. Too bad one fix like a regenerator or power cor, fuses doesn’t optimize it. Unfortunately their is always more that can be done iteratively. Finding the mix is easier if you search.

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Day three of M-1 number three. Everything really smoothed out Baas is still strong balance across frequencies is great.

I listened to some Hugh Stimela The Coal Train. Dynamics were incredible as was inner details and the crowd. Set at my past listening level foof 55 on preamp. The power meters were spiking 600 to 1K WPCon the peaks. Not oppressive most of the song 1 to 12 watts. Decays were incredible as was the brass.

I’d say three on the M-1 is the place to be.

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Luca, I tried to find your Italian wine suggestions but without success, at least not in Bay Area.

I drink mostly red, and my cellar has no more than ten bottles of white out of around six hundred bottles I have now. Some of the French and Cal wines were collected 40 years ago when I was just over drinking age. But it is hard for me to open them knowing I can never buy them back again.

Hi Donald,

take a look at this web site I suppose they are able to ship all over the world and they have some good brands.

or this one:

If needed I will be happy to help you (and other members interested) discussing with these Italian web sellers about shipments or other questions. Not my area of competence but happy to promote products from my country! Who knows I would become an Italian wine support for the Forum members.

PS: I’m so impressed! 600 bottles?! Wow! Congrats! When I was in CA I had to come and visit you to drink something special!


Thanks for the sites! I have some priced Napa reds that are as good as best of French can offer. I am glad I was not a huge drunk back then, and I was able to save some to this day.

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That’s the secret of going to Napa. Bring wine from your cellar to drink while you are there buying young wine. We normally travel with a small group of 4-6 people. Everyone brings a minimum of 5 bottles each in their luggage for a four day trip. Paying corkage is so much less expensive. :wine_glass:

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We used to visit Napa yearly, but it is more expensive to buy wine there now, plus wineries charge a lot for wine tasting nowadays. In the good old days, most of them offered free tasting. Do my wine purchases through online or from Costco mostly. :grin:

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I mostly go for the food. We also avoid what I call the Temples of Grape. Over the past twenty years there seems to be more and more of the massive tasting rooms that have had to cost a fortune. We generally head to the edges of the appellations and go to the smaller wineries. Especially those that have a tasting room consisting of a giant wooden wire spool for a table sitting under a tree.


That is the part we enjoyed the most; just strolling in Sonoma and Napa counties and stopping at little wineries and restaurants.

V Suttie has a great outdoor seating area. You can buy from their grilling outdoor or food inside the store, plus nice wine of course.

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Great potato salad if I recall. :fork_and_knife:

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Not Napa, but I live a short drive from the Finger Lakes and my girl friend hails from Geneva NY at the beginning of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail

We average 6 to 8 long wknds a year…


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MANY a summer vacation was at my Uncles house on Keuka Lake !!
LOTS of winery tours on rainy days and lots of water skiing and drinking !!
GREAT memories for me, especially now at 64
Tom - NJ

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After 125 hours streaming on M-1 number three in HDPLEX300 there were no more tuning ring adjustments made. The bass and mids have great solidity and treble is well extended as is note decays. The extra fuse expense was worth it as was leaving all the purple fuses.

If anyone is interested in a purple slow blow small sized for HDPLEX300 contact me. It is a 10amp. Must remove top lid fasteners.

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