FR30 Set Up, Tweaks and Burn In

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I have compared the Gala’s to Mapleshade’s brass footers and came to almost the same conclusion noted above. Gala’s sounds a bit muffled next to the brass footers. The bass is tighter and more powerful, and richer more focused images.

Here’s what Mapleshade have to say about the brass footers.

[The footer’s mass, shape and, most importantly, material all make a big difference. We’ve tested every promising high-tech material: ceramics were too bright; titanium, carbon fiber, stainless steel, myrtle, aluminum and ebony were dull and smeared compared to brass. Our proprietary alloy brass was by far the best-sounding footer material: much more dynamic, vibrantly warm, and more detailed. Take advantage of our money back guarantee and make your own comparisons against other footers, even ones costing 10 times more.]


I had a similar experience but I think deciding which is best is use case and system specific.

I replaced the stock stainless steel footers of my loudspeakers (they are heavy and shaped to a shallow point on the bottom for placement in discs or directly on the floor) with Gaia’s.

They sound great/better, so long as the speakers rest on my 5” thick maple blocks which have been fitted with spikes and discs, which contact the floor. My floor is carpeted and suspended over my garage, by the way.

When I put the OEM footers back on the loudspeakers and set them on the discs on top of the blocks and replaced the maple block footers and discs with the Gaia’s I recall a softening of the sound and a loss of clarity and bass “snap”, for lack of a better description.

This led me to conclude the Gaia’s might not be best for carpeted surfaces.


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I’m a long time Mapleshade user, though I’m very happy with the stock feet on my FR20’s which are similar to Mapleshade cones…for those interested, Mapleshade makes different cones for use on wood or carpeted floors…

I think there has been some great discussions on various after market footers and their impact on the sound of the FR speakers vs. factory footers.

I think it would great if everyone would describe the type of flooring they have (ie. carpeted, hardwood, carpet on hardwood or concrete, etc.) and just as importantly, if the speakers are on a suspended floor (eg. 2nd floor of house) or on a concrete base floor (eg. basement or condo). Different types of footers work better depending if they need to decouple the speaker from the flooring (eg. suspended floors) vs. grounding them into the flooring (eg. concrete floors).

I found the Gaia’s to be very good for decoupling from suspended wooden floors to reduce boominess and tighten up the bass and found they have less impact on concrete flooring.


For what it’s worth, the stock feet on the aspen FR20 and FR30 are a milled H90 brass with a satin nickel finish plated on them.

We didn’t put a sharp tip on these because brass is fairly ductile and will blunt/mar pretty quickly.

On the FR10, we are doing a stainless steel tip and screw (with comolded rubber around it). because there was some requests for a sharper carpet spike.


Finally received email from John of Cable Co. that the Herbies Giant Cone Titanium Gliders will be shipped out on Wednesday, but I’m traveling on the following week so I’m not sure they will get here in time. I was looking forward to use stock footers on top of these to compare with XSSH steel/ceramic ball footers that I am using now. These sounded excellent with FR30 but I hope Herbies Titanium can improve even more.

I continue to prefer just slight toe in on FR30. In sweet spot they are pointed about one foot away from my ears, they are measure 60” from front face to the front wall. On the fourth week the SQ is getting better than last week. I played a few song tracks from last week, and I’m surprised how much better I’m hearing now. Everything opens up and sounding fuller too.

I found my end speakers, unless PSA comes up with FR50 in future.:grin: