PST Owners: Need feedback on an issue I am having

My PST as long as the display light is on, all the controls (on PST or on remote) are one push.
When the display is off (I.e. in Dim mode, from remote), one push on any control will bring the display light on. Once the light is on, another push on desired control will work.
If I remember correctly, the two pushes under the dim mode has been reported during the beta testing, but it is a feature, not a bug.

Mine does this occasionally - reseating the cd seems to be the cure.

I have several PS Audio units. Was having problems with PLAY on the remote for pst and predecessor - finally figured out it was that particular remote (others work fine!)

Re starting then stopping - I suspect a time lag in the unit and the stop is you pressing the remote twice. Or - as above, the remote is wonky, possibly.