Your drink of choice

I prefer my hops from outer space.

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Good stuff, indeed!

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In keeping with the forum, there is an interesting connection to Metallica . . .



You inspired me. I don’t eschew alcohol, but its not a real frequent indulgence of mine (at least not with “the good stuff”) – and I never developed a taste for coffee.

I do, arguably, spend too much on tea, however.

One of my favorites from my currently favorite supplier:

Young Mountain Tea:

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A good find, from what I know of Weller’s popularity.


Robitussen aka robotrippin. Just kidding – I have covid. Haha

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On tap for around midnight . . .

Fourth generation winemakers from the Fingerlakes, NY.

And an inspiring story. Dr. Frank came to the USA from Ukraine with a Ph.D in viticulture and speaking 5 or 6 languages - none of which were English - and established vinifera grapes after the “experts” told him it was impossible.

The winery was a fall pilgrimage for us when we lived in Central NY.

I go thought times when I drink average whiskey and, like now, times when I drink outstanding whiskey….

an absolutely incredible rye. I’m drinking it neat right now but it makes a killer Manhattan. Willett is special in general.

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Why is she looking into the back of a bass saxophone mouthpiece? lol

Some wagyu steak with a nice wine