Audio Magic M2 vs SR Pink fuse, Owners thoughts and observations here please

Cost comes to mind…

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50 hours on the P20 Pink internal fuse and I’m already happy with the performance.

More detail than I had before, vocals natural, backing vocals clearer, giving inside into the individual voices and how they blend together.
Bigger soundstage, with sound well beyond the boundaries of the speakers.
I have been running with a bog standard fuse since I sold my Master internal fuse a month ago.

Additionally during this month period I have added some more Akiko Audio products so it’s hard to tell what percentage of the performance boost is coming from the fuse and what from the Akiko tweaks.

(I’ll update the Akiko Audio thread with these, if anyone is interested).

I was considering the M2 fuse as well but listening today has confirmed I won’t need to go down that route. It may be better but I’m happy with what I’m hearing.

Still around another 150 hours of burn in yet to go, which I should complete by the end of next weekend.


This is the way.


I checked out my home theatre system for the first since adding my new P20 Pink internal fuse.
System was on steroids, very muscular, dynamic sounding, sounded great.

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I really like the Pink Fuses in my AGD Gran Vivaces, but please note that my system has a full loom of Synergistic Atmosphere and Galileo cables and a mix of Synergistic Master and Purple Fuses.

Also, too, note I have not tried any AM fuses, nor am I likely to given my investment in SR stuff so far…

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