Snowmass Version V2 is ready


RC, please try toggling the back power switch off and then on to see what happens. Thanks.


It only moves the volume down on hard reboot if variable is set - remote on / off has no impact on volume. That is the way they designed it.


Yeah, that what I figured from what I saw and read. Thanks for the confirmation.


After reboot main screen shows 25, and the setup screen page shows 35. :thinking:??


Hmm, that’s a new one. When I had it on Fixed 90 and then set it to Variable and toggled power, it reset to 25 and the Setup screen showed 100.

I’ve noticed mine also “Initializes” twice when when the power switch in the back is toggled on. The Initialize bar first goes about 5% of the way in, then there’s a click, then the bar clears and goes in about 10%, after which the display comes up and it’s ready to go. I don’t recall if it did that with previous versions.


I’m an Option 2 until I stop hearing about issues with V2. By the way, I updated the Bridge II before I installed Snowmass, so a V2 update was not a necessary must have.


What issues with V2?


The only issue I still have is that the DS suddenly turns on from sleep (SM V2 and Bridge 3.6.17]


Select any other input instead of the bridge and you won;t have the phantom turn on!


Snowy V2 doesn’t have the failure to stay off fault that I had with V1. For me the release has been without any obvious shortcomings


Yes, thanks I also read before I have to switch inputs every time I turn the DS to sleep…still a little annoying…but sound is more important :wink:


Freaking amazing the support. You guy’s are top of the tops! Try this with a phone. 3 updates at best.


Must be low level hardware changes? Upon update URC remote saw it as a new device. No problem. Remote read info in 1 minute.