Synergistic Research Purple fuse price drop

See Andy’s post about a new SR fuse above.

Link to the Master Fuse Page–not sure why it shows a pic of a Purple Fuse box, but new graphic for the Master Fuse is at the link…

$600 for an expendable component…I think this may be a bridge too far.


I just knew SR would do something like this, but I do not want to be the first one to try it out for sure!

The new fuse!

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They must have got the idea for the name from the cartoon character Master Cylinder! That price is total insanity!

I overheard two fellows last night at a work gathering discussing the cost of Viagra. I thought to myself that the cost was insane and wondered if I got to the point where I needed it would I spend the money. Interestingly the Master Fuse is the same cost for the other Master. :thinking:


Just in time for Axpona! Who is buying the first one?

@waymanchen11 is always good for a new huse or SR cable

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If no one here purchase it, in order to avoid sensational enthusiastic comments on this forum, we all can survive immune from this next insane cost, almost for a couple of weeks.
I’m afraid sooner or later I’ll fall down again this rabbit hole, if I’m not able to stay away from this forum!


I am immune since I no longer have any purple’s never owned an orange.

The master advertisement also confirms what I already knew. The purples were lacking and music was not right. Sax like a whoopee cushion.

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It seems the awaited SR answer to M-1!
They are describing the SR Master Fuse recommended usage exactly in the same way we discussed for months here on the forum about the king, the Masterpiece M-1.

Suggested, is reported in description, to work together with other Purples… to use just one in the system… maximum two of them… to use it in a conditioner/regenerator or DAC…

And the name itself… mmm a little bit of more fantasy?

I’m wondering if a SR sales marketing manager is a member of this forum?!?!


I never had Purple work well with M-1 just made me buy more M-1 fuses. My count is four. But it probably costs a lot to buy M-1’s and reverse engineer them.


The SR Purples are too aggressive sounding in my system. I’m using all M1’s now, but when the Master Fuse will be available from the Cable Company, I probably will give it try. The M1’s are more on the mellow side. Maybe the SR MF can perk up my system without going over board like the Purple.

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Have you tried ground lift or shorting plugs. My system is still anything but mellow. I my try moving the Beeswax ultimate SHD back to the MK2. . Just for comparison. My mids are really strong. But never shouty. Sometimes they are almost horn driver powerful mids.

The Beeswax tonal balance is similar to the M1, but with less detail. It’s probably not the ideal answer for you. Have you tried a more mellow power cord or perhaps different interconnects? They can also have a big part on sweetening the sound.

I have try different configurations with the ground lifts and it does not change the tonal balance any, but lifting the output grounds at the same time lifting the both I2S’s and USB seem to give me the best results with the sound being more lucid. I also keep the shield grounded. My USB, both I2s, Toslink, and RCA inputs are being used, so no shortening plugs.

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I have been running the Whisper. on MK2. It is mellower than the Odin II knockoff cords. I get right balance if I change listening focus position i found my couch had been moved and was two inches left when I set my Focus. I will rerun the sweeps before my Bacch processor arrives. The center position is a bit mellowed. I measured that after finding and returned couch to correct center.

Do you mean shell not lifted? Different than ground lift obb

I have four M1’s last count, but found the Purple a worthy contender, especially if a more forward presentation is warranted. I’m trying to muster the courage to double the fuse total with four in the BHK 600’s. I need to be admitted when I think this is a poor man’s upgrade when I can’t afford Dragons to power them.


I will see where the Bacch 3D processor sends things that is supposed to get the timbre and phasing spot on. Right now I don’t sense forward. The crappy recordings and best recordings are both killing it. Mediocre recordings have stronger horn like mids. Just a hair south of being too much. I tried pilling back 3M absorber. I always like my last template best. I lose mids and I lose soundstage resolution of recording space with adjustment of absorber reductions.